What men want from a relationship

All is well oriented to the needs of nature. We know exactly when you want to eat, sleep. However, there are not so obvious, but no less important needs that can be satisfied only in the relationship.

Clearly, when pulled to the other. It is not always clear why. When emotions interfere with communications in difficult dialogue. As a result of the dialogue in pairs on two levels:

  1. on one everything concerning interaction
  2. and the other is what comes to feelings.

And the second dialogue is often not obtained, it is difficult to understand and even more difficult to express. "What does he want? How he treats me? Why did not he make an offer? ". The motives of behavior of men - one of the most frequent questions from women.

Different needs arise as a consequence of different gender roles in society. It is necessary to mention that these faces increasingly blurred in the modern society. However, until now man is more directed in its manifestations in the external environment, the woman - a family and children. A man can give in the material sense, a woman in terms of life and comfort. It's all very arbitrary, but bears still a woman, so the differences will always be.

Women are much more aware of their needs. Many immediately say about the care, protection, love, children. The men did not work. They sometimes unknowingly wander into a relationship, trying to find something that desperately needed emotionally. Well, if a woman intuitively will help him in his search. But it is difficult, especially if he is not aware of. Misunderstanding women is often expressed banal phrase: it from me only sex. He, of course, necessary, but in addition there are some more important things. On them will be discussed further. The need for conquest, the competitive environment

In the wild primates has the strongest advantage in the struggle for territory and females. Competition for a woman in a man is due biologically. Modern public relations put that fact into question, but now decided to conquer a woman courting. At the same time a man wants is proud of its victory. Attractive girlfriend raises the status of men in society.

The need support, understanding

We all somehow looking for understanding, confirmation of the correctness of his view of the world. A man and a woman want to feel involvement in life. He gets it to communicate at work, with friends, but to be understood and accepted by the woman he loved - a special feeling that inspires, gives strength and energy, allows to realize themselves fully. She gives him extra motivation for the benefit of both.


Respect everyone needs. A man without respect from a woman ceases to be a man. Often, where there is no respect, relations of falling to bad parent-child, although respect for the individual child as necessary, as well as an adult.

What comes first: the masculine qualities, worthy of respect, or incentives? Question wrong in the formulation. It is always interwoven and influence. There can be only one first, and then another. Not receiving feedback, a man will not seek to express themselves. Lacking a male, he will not be interested in women.

Adoption of

Man is useless to bring up. When his wife starts to nag and order, instead of asking, then he has an automatic reaction of disobedience, as a teenage fight for independence. Partnerships suffer because you can not be both mother and wife. Both bad. It's a long and common history. In short, let him be a man, and to stimulate the male is only possible with the position of women. General attitudes, mentality, I'm not the only one

It's nice when habits and attitudes in the same common space. This is what is called a comfortable environment. Attention to his domestic needs is the desire to give a response. Women can not agree, citing many examples of ingratitude. It is, unfortunately. In these respects there is no emotional connection.

Personality women

Personality attracts. I would like to see something new, it's nice when your woman is interested in something, when she has her own interests and aspirations. Stew in "brine" is not interested. Closed system needs a recharge from the outside. Interests, contacts with other family activities - all it helps the family stability and corresponds to the emotional needs of men.

Procreation. Children

Every man, sooner or later begins to think about procreation. This need for a man is not so pronounced, as a woman - she is there before and it is stronger, but men need no less important. He needs to take care of their child. He's just like a woman, wanted children. But it is first necessary to feel the resistance, otherwise he would not be able to fully take care of his family.

The better meet the needs, the stronger the relationship. They should be equal in the sense that there should be a balance between "giving" and "taking", which includes not only material. Observe it does not always work. For this we need to be an adult. Adulthood involves understanding what you need to and you need a partner. Conflicts in this regard indicate that emotional immaturity, because they were in the process of growing up will receive less resources: parental love, acceptance, recognition of the child independent. Maintain a balance is possible only when their own unmet needs are not overshadow the partner. An indication of this can be excessive demands without giving anything in return. In this case, a woman believes that he owes her because she's smart and beautiful, have sex, and dinner. The desire to merge and do for him what he wants - the other side of the emotional immaturity. And then, and another leads to a dependent relationship in which the balance is not possible.

Here it is about men.

All the same there are some differences and concerns of women, in other relationships do not make sense. Be attentive to each other.