There are people who do not need psychology!

The people who do not need psychology is:

  1. He who has learned to test reality, to correctly interpret the events of life and to build up in his mind a realistic picture of the world.
  2. On this basis, an accurate picture of himself. I learned to understand himself, his needs, motivations, emotions, feelings, and behavior.
  3. He who has learned to notice a inner child, adult and parent and maintains the balance of the parts of the personality.
  4. The one who formed at adult skills and learned how to adapt to all situations in life, who have learned to survive life's challenges.
  5. Who has formed a stable "self-concept."
  6. Who knew what talents and abilities gave him the nature of what skills should be at to develop (and it's not worth wasting time) and what he does better than the other. Who was able to discover and activate at the creative part of the personality. Unleash your inner potential.
  7. Anyone who has found the answer to the question - who am I to the world why I'm here, why I came here, what my earthly mission. Those who have a purpose in life.
  8. Anyone who knows exactly what he is - it is not only the physical body, and was convinced that he representative of the kind that he has a soul, mind, and that it lives Universal Spirit.
  9. Those who honor their ancestors.
  10. Anyone who pays attention to the development of intelligence, intuition and mastered methods of influence, revealed his ability to thin the perception of the world, he takes care of his soul and is engaged in spiritual development.
  11. Anyone who has learned to control their emotional, behavioral and somatic reactions. He developed a psycho-emotional stability, stessoustoychivost to negative life events. Anyone who has learned to live a healthy lifestyle and made it his habit.
  12. Anyone who has learned to understand other people and a good understanding of people, including the people of the opposite sex, and to create and maintain a harmonious relationship with them. In a word - problem female-male relations decided once and for all.
  13. Those who realized the value of family, wanted to have children and become a responsible, wise parent.
  14. Anyone who has learned to create effective communication and deep contact with others.
  15. He who has learned to make the right choice. Who took responsibility for everything that happens in his life fully to himself and does not seek to blame what is happening.
  16. Anyone who has learned to correctly set and the best way to achieve their life goals.
  17. Who finally began to love myself a genuine love and felt his much people love!

Now tell me, which of these above is not essential for a full and happy life?

Maybe you know at least one person who has all of these items all right? If "yes", write!

Me not.

Psychology - is moving forward on the solution of vital problems to the development of abilities, success, self-knowledge and knowledge of the world, self-improvement, which has no limits.

Therefore, psychology needs a minimum of 99 999 999 9 857% of the world population.

And if at least one of the above points you have the space, it means that you are in need of psychology, psychology and psychological assistance.

I'm waiting for you!