What could be the results if you are talking about the negative partner

The quarrel almost all couples, it is a natural process.

The question is how participants themselves couples to deal with it.

When a woman is bad, then it is natural to call the girlfriend or to make an appointment and have a chat. The "talk" sometimes includes: drain voltage, to complain about the partner, which occurs as a result of her relationship or any quarrel. Sometimes girlfriend replaces mom or work colleagues.

Drain Voltage - a naturally. When emotions overflow, it is better to give them a way out. Otherwise, they will poison you, and will be even worse. Only this is best done in the office of a psychologist than with people who are in your inner circle.

Let me explain why.

When you complain about your partner, for example, girlfriend or mother, you tell them only bad. Good fades into the background, because emotions prevail. When poured on their emotions, sets whether the issue - it is they want? Why would they want that your negative and why they all need to know what's going on in your personal life?

And as always - in every action is the result. Even the fact that you complain to their partner.

The first result of - you show your weak, infantile side. You have chosen this man - to you and to solve problems that arise in contact with him. On you will develop a certain opinion. Not the fact that it will be positive. Keep in mind that when the view you will get a - all your further actions, even the good ones will be evaluated through the prism of negativity. Not always, of course, but often. If you wish to talk over his fortune and reputation is more important than to complain, then, of course, you can do it. If this is not the mother and girlfriend - a colleague, then your problems will know a lot of people in your work. On you will gossip, pass on to others how to do it is not necessary, and so on. N. Your family life will disassemble the bones, because others know better how to live properly.

The second result of. If you complain - you definitely will give advice. Ask you about them or not. The idea is that your desire - to have heard. But most people do not know how. You or give advice, or immediately, without hearing you say that, as it happens with them. And long story begins, which is likely to have to listen. After such "conversations" condition even worse than before.

It is therefore important to do all this with the person who you just listen without evaluation and feedback. I'm not opposed to each other girlfriends listened. BUT! It should be in moderation. And then, if you have such a person, you can ask you just to listen. Without emotion, and feedback. The only way to avoid an even worse state.

The third result of is that if you're talking about your partner say bad things - you trust. Because you are joining, in response to your feelings. And you do well, and it is bad. And let's not true, but people hear exactly what you're talking about. And so it is difficult to be adequate at the moment of emotion glow! And here the most insulting is that this negative opinion of your partner in the eyes of others, you will be already difficult to convert to positive. So when you tell others something good about it, you will nod and think still more. The fact that the emotionally charged, is remembered much better!

As you can see, harmless desire to merge its voltage can be several negative results, which in the future (not now) cause negative consequences. Therefore, I recommend you to think once again:

  • and whether you need to tell all to these people?
  • Why do you want to do this?

and aware of the consequences that may be.

The safest way is to seek the advice of a psychologist, and to give him all their negativity.

Yes, for it will have to pay, but in any case it will cost you less if you look at the future.