If you want to solve the problem ..

The words they know almost everything, yet almost everyone knows that it is easy to say and hard to do. As a rule, we want to change what we do not like - that gives us discomfort and causing the problem.

Where does the sense of the problem?

We notice that someone else, being in a similar situation, causing us discomfort, reacts differently, or even, perhaps, enjoy it! Why?

So, the problem arises when there is an idea of ​​zhazhduemom "what should be", while a negative attitude towards "there now."

And if more, then, according to the system hypno-therapist Gunther Schmidt, for you to think that you've got a problem, you need to:

  • "I am" - that is the image of you inside of you; how you feel herself;
  • designation "have now", which does not satisfy you and to which you have a negative attitude;
  • "what should be", which you are very difficult to be achieved and which have your "I" positive-thirsty attitude.

Thus, n he problem - this is what is going through my "I" in the present situation as poor, poor, "bad" in relation to the desired future. It is always a relationship or a "link" between those who perceive the problem and what the problem is.

Suppose you have already experienced, that is the problem. In fact, you're not going through it, and you became someone other experiences at the time of something problematic. This one is part of the interaction (in other words, some part of you) between what you call a problem, and what you call "I". This interaction is the same thing that you experienced the problem. For example, when you feel bad, you're somebody else, than when you are well. At all levels of feeling you were different! You say, look, perceive things differently. You even feel different space! But this does not mean that is what you are when you feel bad - you all. You just feel it, and it is important to remember.

One understanding, what is the problem, not solve the problem. Many people mistakenly think that if I understand why he, she or I have done so, then calm down, stop to experience. But you probably noticed that it is not something that works.

But a change the interaction due to the inclusion of new elements change the perception of the problem and is creating a new relationship between you and what you are going through. On the psychological language, this is called intervention. New elements can be - empathy, reflection of the value that said, encouragement, loving and supportive attitude. The new connection is different from the original, as required.

Include as many new experiences in my sense of the problem, study yourself, worry the problem of the different parties themselves, learn to say to yourself, other "text" at the time of the problem experience. First, simply memorized or written down somewhere on a piece of paper that you are at the moment experiencing the problem will get and read.

An example of such a text could be:

  • "You can do it,"
  • "Look how clever you are already here, and it is decided,"
  • "You have just a couple of days to hold out."

The text should be yours, which suits you and responds. Over time, that "connection" that you call a problem, will weaken and you do not need. If you want to solve the problem, it is important to remember that it is perceived to be problematic not all of you, but only some part of you that you are going through "a" at the moment.

If you want to solve the problem, it is important to begin to change the interaction between you and what's happening to you. Over time, changes related to the problem, thereby freeing up resources for the implementation of changes in life.

What happens in my counseling with a person with a problem or a frown, life partner, children, income and want to change it?

Due to the resource-oriented work with the competent authority in you (this part of you that already know the problem, how it should be), which is experiencing the problem, we build a positive attitude towards "there now." As if we are creating a bridge to the future "should be." This competence of the inside of you that knows how to be, and know how to get there. She just does not know what she knows.

In counseling, we use a variety of technologies and physical resources to help realize this competence and start using.

I will be glad to help you and support you in the way of your search solution.