Signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships in the pair

We see ourselves as healthy people. Not everyone can admit that he needs to work on this or that issue, to improve relations. Those who admit it - has long run on personal therapy to a psychologist. On therapy, and have not taken a one-time consultation.

To not focus on personal issues and take a look at the process of building relations in general, and I wrote this article. You need to assess how to build your relationship, and look at what it is all you have going on. And the conclusions you can make yourself.

Let's look at what features the construction of a healthy relationship is. After all, we need to know that our relations have a future. Healthy future. Guarantees - is, of course, great, but give them no one can. What is described below, is a sign of building healthy relationships and, as a consequence, their duration.

A healthy future can only be in those relationships that are built on certain grounds.

tags first. In a healthy pair is always vital energy flows in both directions.

Woman puts energy into the man, and the man into a woman. There is no energy that flows in one direction. Even towards men from the woman runs 3-4 times less than or less, but flows. Energy going in one direction leads to the fact that relations are becoming self-sacrifice, which nobody wants. For example, if in the beginning of the relationship man woman he calls and says, and the woman is not - then the energy flows in one direction only. If every (eg) five rings woman rings once, then the energy is already flowing in both directions. If a man for a woman is actively courting, and she was "disgusted nose", then most likely, is the beginning of co-dependent relationship. features of the second. In a healthy relationship the man is always calm.

No one is jealousy, there is no control, no tantrums and displays of negative feelings. Yes, not everything is like a fairy tale, there are quarrels and conflicts. But they are solved quickly, without compromising the health and psyche. In these respects a lot of support. People are so good that there is a feeling that a person gets better, wiser, stronger, more responsible and so on. This applies to good qualities. Healthy love inspires. There is energy, without it anywhere. But still quietly.

Feature third. Of course - a sure sign of a healthy relationship.

At the very beginning of the relationship we have, of course, a little to embellish. We can not show the "true face", because we are no serious conflicts. And yet, when I do not have of themselves for someone to build, and I can be more or less self - it is about healthy relationships. And most importantly - from a partner, I also do not expect anything like that to him is not peculiar. Yes, there is a slight idealization, but very small. Definitely not attributed to what is not. Imagine how great it is - do not expect, and if something happens pleasant to be surprised? Healthy, adequate attitude to the partner - the key to a healthy relationship in the couple.

features of the fourth. Energy Action.

In another way, this state can be called the flow. When you're in the flow, you have all turns out. You feel good, you can more than before, and in general it seems that the whole world in front of you. When you're in a couple, and happy, feeling that energy is increased at least twice! If people get to save this state and in marriage, it is a very successful marriage. The principle of the fifth and the chief. These relationships exist in reality.

This is not a guest marriage, it is not a novel on Skype, it's not when I was in Moscow, and he was on the Kamchatka Peninsula. It is when we live in the same city, meet regularly - and we are a couple.

If all these states are experiencing both partners, the couple will develop their potential. If you are missing something one - is pulling it, you will be able to improve relations.

The signs of unhealthy relationships

  • The energy falls. When I was in a couple of bad - suffering can be for various reasons. When I did not evolve, constantly I think with me that something is wrong. Self-confidence is fading away. Energy flows in one direction only.
  • I have been criticized, insulted, manipulated me. I feel jealousy, aggression, emptiness, hopelessness. The illusory nature of the relationship - they kind of are, but they may not be. Relationship at a distance from the same series.

About unhealthy relationship - not too much, but it is guaranteed to lead to the fact that you will be unhappy in a relationship. What you are experiencing now, will grow like a snowball, because the problem does not resolve itself.

Exit from unhealthy relationships faster - therapy with a psychologist. Independently is also possible, just longer - we must have patience, books, articles, webinars and support, not to go back in the groove.