What you need experience in relationships

Marry want almost all the girls.

This is required by the human nature, and of a society constantly presses with questions: Why are you alone?

Want to marry - is one thing. And when me come to consult with the issues of construction of private life, ie marriage, I'm interested in what at the moment there is an experience. I think this question is very important.

Sometimes it turns out that the girl in his 30 years as a blank sheet of - relationship-that plainly was not. Or there was no long-term relationship, a maximum of a couple of weeks or a couple of months. On this test, you can certainly understand something, but this is very small.

Why do we need experience in a relationship?

  • Experience needed to be prepared to marry You will not be the first time to cook the perfect tiramisu - it's a fact. With regards the same. Of course there are women who are the first time to get married and be happy, but that's another story.
  • experience needed for positive and negative comparisons. Comparing their status in relations with different partners, we can understand, something to strive for, and which ones to run away.
  • The experience gives us the experience of failures of, and it's cool to actually Because to suffer in a relationship is just as important. Experience gives us an understanding of - and what do we want? While we do not associate life, for example, a man who walks - we can not reconsider their views on relationships. If you think that relationship - is when all is well, then you are deeply mistaken, there is no relationship without suffering.
  • The experience allows you to learn to better themselves. While you're not in a relationship with someone, something about yourself you do not know so much. Just being in a relationship with a man who undermines confidence - you can learn how to do you deal with jealousy. Or if you do not give gifts - how do you actually react to it. Until you meet with this live, you can only imagine what your reaction and how you deal with those or other feelings.
  • Experience helps save time. most valuable resource time. The sooner you start to get experience - the better. About the same experience in 25 years and 35 years is different. Do you agree?

Experience is the conscious and unconscious.

Conscious When you build relationships and understand - what is happening to me, why I react the way I react to the words (things, actions) partnerap. When you understand what is happening, what you like, do not like. You know, they are ready, and what not. When it is not meet to just meet. When you know your mistakes and try not to repeat them.

Due to the conscious experience you must know and understand:

  • you want from a relationship and men;
  • to which you agree in the relationship, and what not (in which behavior, life plans, about the bad habits, past relationships and having children - many aspects);
  • than willing to put up with, and what not;
  • a man you want;
  • have the complexes associated with the relationship you have (for example, feel insecure in his company or have problems in sex);
  • to know clearly their own and other people's borders - this is very important;
  • about to be myself;
  • to understand the psychology of men;
  • not to repeat their mistakes;
  • to understand where you personally have a problem with building relationships.

This is a sample list.

Unconscious experience to the unconscious and that you step on the same rake, and your personal life is changing for the better. There is nothing to add, except to - go to a personal therapy and train awareness.

In any case I am for that experience was more that he was aware of and was the only benefit. If you find it difficult to track their experience and analyze the mistakes - psychological counseling can help.