They betrayed, abandoned, left

Sometimes we hear:

- He threw me, exchanged for another. And I love him so much, I can not live without it. I want him to come back, do something.

So you describe briefly the problem.

You can even have time to make all sorts of manipulation to return the alleged lover.

ABOUT! Female mind is very diverse. From the experience of the consultations were the actions for the return of loved ones, I'm afraid to write here :)) It would not tell and do not encourage those who now is in a situation of abandonment. It's just a series of horror movie :))

But it's not about that.

Woman describes itself as follows:

  • I was thrown,
  • I left,
  • I was betrayed,
  • I do not like,
  • He ruined my life,
  • I gave him all his life devoted, and he ...
  • I'm in love with him, he should come back to me,
  • we are so much planned ... and he ...
  • have the children, he left them,
  • How could he do this to me,
  • I probably worse than the one to whom he exchanged me,
  • Well, I'll show them,
  • .......

What else do you think about yourself and about him, lovely women ??? How much do you blame yourself and it ???

But the fact that already about any love and out of the question right now. Your self-esteem suffers. Now, if you're the first threw him, he would have felt much better. Only in some cases to add a sense of guilt. But your ego would have rejoiced at the same time, do not you first so badly cheated. And it is this feeling, unfortunately. So. You will not throw or betrayed. It is as if you have to treat yourself so. It is you yourself have long betrayed and forgotten about himself.

And relationships are long gone. When everything flows smoothly, quietly, quietly, that you do not notice how love long gone, gone respect, acceptance, reciprocity. And the situation is needed, either to pick up all the surface that it was better to see everything that happens.

If there is love, then do not make one of their own. And let him go and wish him love. And rejoice, when he develops all good.

If there is no love, there is still manipulated require mischievous, scheming. To return. And why so difficult? Or do you think that after all that you do, it will be to you the love and the desire to return?

  • Do you think that can be manipulated by children, and it will return to the children? And for what reason? He did not give up the child. And where a child here? This is your relationship and understand each other. Not to interfere in their children.
  • Your life plans have lowered the toilet? It happens too. And not just because of the relationship of close friends. Life is unpredictable thing. And that you can not make a change, nobody is to blame.
  • Do you think it's better you do not find? Well, because this relationship is you found it! You do not become worse (I hope). This means that each subsequent relationship will be better previous. For the simple reason that you become more experienced. But if you do not grow and develop, then this is your theme for reflection. Maybe it's time? And, perhaps, to thank everyone who has shown you these things?
  • You have lost your face? To ourselves and to close? Rejoice! You become more real!
  • Are you hurt? Again rejoice. The situation showed you inner pain you hid from yourself. And it was time to take it in itself and delete.

To finally be free !!!

Dear ladies, if you have a similar situation, do not stay in it. Do not twist the self even more his thoughts. Do not sit in self-pity. Try to find a way out.

Every painful situation teaches self-love. When you stop paying attention to yourself, you cease to take care of themselves, to appreciate and love yourself, there are situations which are in every way trying to attract your attention to his beloved. And it should only pay attention to the outside world to the inner world, the harmony is restored, the pain goes away. And in its place love it grows back. That love will never leave you. You bury it themselves voluntarily. And you can dig yourself whenever you want.