He does not want to talk about our relationship

It is known that women, unlike men, are more likely to talk about their feelings and experiences in a relationship. And there are men who did not wish to talk about it. And then the soul of a woman screams:

He does not like to talk about our relationship, it takes him out of himself, and then I feel terribly guilty, he moves away, it makes me panic.

The relationship has to face the fact that the reaction partner, his attitude towards you, his feelings and emotions sometimes can be for you not the most pleasant. You want to talk "heart to heart" - he wants to be left alone ... you feel the need for intimacy and ask for confirmation that the loved one will be there, will not go away and not betray - but he did not hurry to meet your need, and put you at ease .

While you can continue to be in a relationship, however, with these uneasy feelings you have to cope alone. Indeed, it is easier when the favorite over any of your anxiety will tell you: "Do not worry, honey, I'm fine." But then it turns out that for men older, more experienced, more courageous, more confident and stronger than you, and he should always take care of you. Reminiscent of parent-child relationship, right?

Against women often want to "taxied" man: he must know all, he must be brave, strong, etc. And when the woman saw that it was not so, she has a fear..:

Now who will protect me? I am completely alone.

When anxiety becomes unbearable, she can come to the following conclusion: Well, I will not be dependent on a man, I understand that he is not perfect, I am self-sufficient, I will build my life and I will try to feel good, in spite of everything and in spite of the fact how he builds his life and how it feels my man.

This becomes for a woman like a breath of fresh air:

Yes, it was necessary for me! Here it is, freedom and true love without attachment!

But this condition does not last long, and she again begins to feel fear:

In this freedom as a lonely, that if, by becoming so free, we just parted - and I do not want to leave, because I feel so good with him, he is my happiness and inspiration, I do not want to lose it ...

This risk - part completely - a payment for freedom and true love without attachment. When in a relationship (in all respects) you feel mismatch, you feel the difference of opinion - this is about separation.

We parted at the moment when it is not agreed I look in one direction, and you're in a completely different, but then we came together again, returning to what unites us.

Such inconsistencies and discrepancies can be a lot ... When they become very much, as a rule, the partners break up completely. But there is good news that should reassure you and for all get rid of anxiety away.

You will never lose touch with those with whom you do not want to lose touch! You will always pull together with your loved ones common to all needs - the desire to be happy, free, loving and creative person.

Normally, love and happiness do not run ... So, if you are filled with joy, love, bliss - then you are a magnet and you are sure will attract the mother, a loved one, the one who would be able to perceive this beautiful light from you. If you are truly a man gives to his love - it just will not be able to resist this powerful, great energy and is sure to be near ... But if he will be an entirely different wave, the wave of distrust, depression, insecurity, anxiety, he just could not get close to you is - loving and joyful, and you will not be able to approach him ... Your love it can be interpreted as a dependency from it, your joy - as a frivolity, your work and creativity - something wrong or too much ... In general, he sees the world differently.

Do not be afraid!

You may be very upset that someone you today so you want to bathe in her love, is not susceptible to this, and you can even feel unnecessary, but may reassure you that the it is now much worse than you!

It is filled with love and do not know where to send it - it's not the most comfortable state. But do not be receptive to lyubvi- it harder. Therefore treat with understanding to someone who is not ready to accept your kind feelings, who are not ready to talk about the relationship, is not ready to open up, not ready to talk "heart to heart". Respect the other person's desire to be closed, his desire to leave and move away.

Human warmth, engagement, love and affection he needs just like you, and if you still want to show your feelings for him, do it wisely and consciously. He wants to be alone? Then today the best expression of love for him is that you are taking with a calm heart and his desire to leave him alone.

But do not forget about their desires. If you want to talk about feelings - talk, but now is not exactly with him.

  • The best option - it is a conversation with a psychologist.
  • Not the best option - it is a conversation with relatives and friends.

Why talk with friends and family is not the best option?

Because relatives and friends may also not be ready to talk with you "from the heart", and you will once again go hungry. "Maybe he came to the girlfriend to talk about their experiences in a relationship, you will find that she is not ready to talk to you her own issues of concern.

Psychologist - is the man who will accept your feelings as sincerely as relatives or friends, it is not an artificial communication. So it was agreed in advance: you come at the appointed time, you say, share their feelings, you understand, maintain, you feel, you hear. That is why, slowly but surely, psychology still adapted in Russia, gradually people start to understand that there is nothing wrong with that, in order to share their experiences ...

And it wisely and it's a grown-up when you share your feelings with someone who is ready to listen to you rather than to bother and harass those who are not yet ready to reveal ...