As a woman to survive the rupture of relations?

Very nice, when in a relationship, both partners value each other, care about each other and seek to preserve these relations. But what if is values ​​the ratio is greater than he? And what if he leaves, and she does not want to lose it?

I thought we did not have a good reason for breaking up, but he still decided to leave, and I do not want to leave.

We are tired of misunderstanding, but I want to work on a relationship, but he did not.

If he does come back, whether to forgive him for what he has dared to escape possible? Will it further appreciate me and cherish our relationship more?

Probably the most uncomfortable in all of this for women, falling in love with a man, entering a relationship with him, she expects to be happy, to bathe in love - and losing the relationship, it awaits accordingly, that her life would be boring and very lonely.

How many women allow themselves at the very beginning of the relationship think that this is the man she was waiting for all my life ... all my life ... How many meanings and values ​​for themselves is a woman in a relationship. After marrying, giving birth to children, even if the woman will be able to carve out for themselves enough time to their careers and hobbies, she still devotes more than life family. And she did not mind ...

The problem is that the man with whom she had a love - gone. And dashed her hopes and dreams. That's what we'll talk.

The situations are different, there are couples in which partners are constantly break up and come together again ... And a woman can hope to restore the relationship, even when the man is gone ... But how to go through this pain when you do not know will come back or not? And through what relationships restore all the same did not happen? And in fact, and in another case, can not escape the need to - let go! Even if he comes back, now you have to let him go, as if you said goodbye to him forever. So you will know freedom. may have knowledge of it happens through the internal resistance and pain, and, nevertheless, let a loved one - it's free, and above all it is your freedom. He can feel anything when he goes away, and you can be free.

I also want to see - in order to be free, you do not need special someone to leave and experience loss. In fact, true freedom - is chosen every day, again and again to your loved one.

You just do not keep it, do not try to manipulate, but you choose it every day. You choose him and he chooses you, because you very well together, you fill each other and inspire. You tend to learn together, to understand their differences, to be loyal to the contradictions partner, conflicts are not perceived as a tragedy but as a way to move forward and become better and wiser. In general, he is your teacher, and you are his teacher ... And so you do not stand on the spot, and therefore can not get bored and go in search of another partner.

If the man decided to leave, it is unlikely that it was a relationship of which you dreamed of ... This may sound too simple, but you could not dream of a man who will throw you?

Here's what you granted when a man goes - a new life and, quite possibly, a new relationship in which there is freedom, happiness and development. You should still get what the want. That's what I often like to repeat customers - do not betray love. You can not control the other person, he can leave, betray, cheat, do brutalized, do not try to fix it, to appeal to the conscience ... It is so hard and painful - to try to make a person feel better about you.

You, without even noticing, can dive deeply into the role of victim, trying to get someone to have more respect and appreciate. Enter into the role of the victim - to betray love, betray one ray of light in your heart, which should draw to you the best and the light in life: well-being, health, success, money and, of course, the man she loved.

Live with that light in the soul, trust him, he will lead you to a better life and a better relationship. You betrayed love as painfully trying to make out on the shelves, that is in you, not what you did wrong, which is not said to him, maybe not as it looked ...

Of course, it is important to analyze his own and his actions, but do not dive into it too deeply, let the priority still is not psychoanalysis, but an attempt to hear whispers to you inner voice and how calm you can right now to find himself, bereaved, loss of love ... Let the voice of the heart nashepchet you how to regain strength as after breaking to love yourself more.

And let your heart tell you how much you mean, and how little it means what you think about your ex ...