I talk a lot. How to pronounce the

Chat - a purely female prerogative. That's why we like to meet with my friends and chat-chat-chat over a cup of tea or a glass of wine. But if you listen to yourself, you do not always get better after such gatherings. For good reason.

Why is the woman talking? Or talks a lot?

Because the woman by nature wise. Only this wisdom, we also sometimes interfere. Our psyche is designed so that if we have something overwhelmed - positive or negative emotions, accumulated constant thinking of something (events from your personal life or at work), information from the news, from friends, forums or in the learning process - it it is necessary to pronounce.

Our consciousness is purified through the pronunciation of the - so our mentality is arranged. If a woman pronounces her husband, girlfriend or mother what was going on in her day - the evening then passes much easier.

The more we have in my head is spinning thinking - the greater the need to part with it.

If you do not verbalize what is happening during the day, and all that I have written above - a person becomes ill. Amount of emotion and information is stored, if nothing is done with them, because the brain continues to work. When it was too much - it's called mental fatigue, and she felt physical fatigue. From the work of the brain can be really tired, and very strong.

That is why the psychologist can take is the maximum of 5 people per day, or it can be taken out of the office. It seems to be a psychologist sitting, listening to the customer and ask questions, but at this time his brain works, and hard enough, and fatigue so that would just get to the house and that no one touched. And that is why the psychologists even go to other psychologists and supervisors to also pronounces on the work. There are girls that anyone (anyone at all) not to talk about their family problems, and about what is happening in the family life. And when she realizes that although "lie down and die," she comes for consultation and is pronounced. You can not believe it, but after an hour of pronunciation she brightens the eyes! She gets to breathe easier, relieve fatigue.

Men, by the way, sometimes come to the consultation to be heard. After all, men are accustomed from childhood to not to talk about their feelings and experiences.

BUT! Our consciousness is cleared only when we truly listen to, and when there is contact. And we know that we are listening. Customers begin their stories and look around, tell something carpet, couch, color - then I'm sending them over so that they all said it was me. Yes, it's not easy, but they are learning - this is what helps them.

But the conversations with my friends, when you talk a lot - do not work. Because you hear only a short time, and then think about themselves and their problems. At the same time pretend that you are listening. You whether to include themselves greatly when a friend for a long time and a lot of something telling about one topic, not breaking off for a second? In fact, listen, if only tell some horror, the horror, the horror - they are included in the strong emotions. And this, again, for a short time. That is why the conversations with her friends do not always produce the desired effect. clears the mind is very important in our information-based world. Because the information fray from all possible sources. Previously, the information could be obtained only from TV or newspapers. Now all social. network - is information. Receiving information, we refine it, and where to put the "waste" is recycled? The answer again - verbalize.

If you learn something, you can find a range of interests and conduct master classes. And good for you and the audience. This is a great way and say, better to remember what you have studied.

If you have a need simply to utter, and you have it exactly is,, it is better to be honest to agree with the person that you are listening to it - so that you understand exactly what heard. This may be a husband (boyfriend / lover), and her mother, and a friend.

It is possible to conclude an agreement that I'll listen to you, then you me, when you will need it. And this mutually beneficial cooperation will go to the benefit of all.