How to Survive a woman in this world?

90% of men - the goats and dogs, and namby-pamby weaklings.

How often do we hear from women such claims if honest conversation went on female-male relationships.

And what to do? How to live?

Become rolled into one, and a man and a woman?

Many women have gone down this path. Feminism is growing. Interesting term invented: in fact the movement - masculinity and named - feminism.

The reception was a woman with a problem of personal relationships - they do it has not worked. Four attempts to start a family have been unsuccessful. Ask: What was your parent family, what kind of relationship was with Mom and Dad?

- Remarkable were mom and dad.

- How did they treat you?

- they treat me well.

- You lifelong in parent family constantly felt parental love from his father and mother?

- Yes, it was.

- And who was the head of your family?

- Of course, my mother. All they held in their hands. Dad "built."

- Watching all of this, how do you feel about the fact that a woman head of household?

- Fine. And what is this? If a man does not push, it will do nothing. Maximum to go to work, to earn money. A family on a daily basis so many cases, problems that require immediate solutions. My mother is better at than her father. The father, in general did not really work. While mom will not tell him, he will do nothing. I, too, in all four marriages across unfit for family life husband, but I was able to force them to do something. - And what is the result?

- I had to Alas with all of them to leave, I could not stand. I want to be a weak woman to take care of me, and not a "pull" on the man himself.

- So, maybe, it was worth to find marriage adapted to life, a strong man?

- I wanted to, but somehow it did not work.

- Why?

- I think that there are no such men, and if there is, it is small and they have long been dismantled.

- And why are you a "hand" is not got?

- I do not know.

- If you want to close was a real strong man, which he needs a woman?

- Weak?

- True.

- Would you say that I'm not like, and so I will not get a real man?

- No, I do not want to think so. But it seems that your behavior in ways reminiscent of the behavior of men.

- What should I do do?

- Behave like a real woman.

- What is it like?

- For a man can be treated differently. But what will be the best?

- I think that when you love him, but he will.

- I could not agree - Love (with a capital letter, real) - is the highest level of quality of the relationship. To love a man to really - is the best way to a woman's life on earth. This is not the survival - is a complete way of life, the best way of life.

Hear, hear the heart-rending, hysterical voice of a woman - and who will love me ?! Fall in love, fall in love, but not just so, and for the "money", for the most valuable "currency", which is every woman from birth!

Pay unconditional love for the love of a man, and succeed! And you get. Forgotten how to love? Unlearned? But it's worth it to remember. And it may even be a worthy goal in life of every woman (and man) - learn to love truly, if you have forgotten how.

Women, do not kill men manifestation of his masculinity.

We are not happy generation, consisting of androids.

Life without women will no longer motivate us, and we will die out. Or kill each other in the pursuit of those few real women who want to preserve and enhance their femininity. I think that all of us this does not become better.