A woman should be available?

I suggest you consider the common myths about sexual relations.

One of these myths:

The woman should not be available, and men - to seek her.

Every woman heard or read that you have to be available - to a man he called, paid attention, appreciated. In general, it is necessary for something passionately expect from men (attention, for example) and at the same time pretending that women do not need anything from him that she did not interesting.

And at the same time somehow forget that the man - also a real person with feelings. Who also wants to please, to feel important, valuable and interesting (but no pity, it's just a fact: the man is also a man).

A man, on the contrary, taught to seek attention and seduce women liked. Although it is not man's role.

That's a vicious circle. And few of happy couples.

Because in the end, when a man seeks "unavailable" woman in the relationship role are changing rapidly: the woman begins to run after the man, and he becomes "unavailable" - indifferent, because it is already running about. And other than the desire to take revenge on the woman for her to ignore at the beginning of the relationship - do not feel anything.

You may find yourself faced with a similar in a relationship or have seen others - how people get confused, for what turned out to be generally in the relationship. And what, in fact we want to achieve in the present.

Who is this "inaccessible woman"?

  • The one who does not sleep with a man on a first date.
  • has a lot of different interests in life.
  • A proud, confident and completely independent.


And from this comes the following myth:

for what would be happy in a relationship, you need to learn to be as inaccessible, into the role.

That is normal from a woman whose interested in men, which has a rich inner world that can give warmth, is able to take an interest in - a woman is closed, that is inaccessible.

I urge you not to have sex with a man on a first date (though sex is as important in a relationship, as well as everything else). And I say that your sincerity and understanding of the interests and desires, as well as the ability to realistically assess the man who wants to meet you, and "not run away" from him - to help choose the man with whom it will be possible to real intimacy.

If you look at the men in the state of their femininity, the feel, it makes no sense to wear a mask in a relationship. Do you like to be myself. Available for a decent level of your men. If you are still looking at the man through the eyes of a wounded little girl, who believes any naive first man, who kindly looked at you and said a kind word, that contact. I will be glad to help you heal the wounds of the soul, helping to really grow and feel the power of your femininity.

P. S. And I want to say an important thing:

The woman MUST be available for men with unstable mentality, alcoholics, married for seduction, for those who seek to use a woman, and the other is not worthy of you men and sometimes even dangerous. Therefore it is important to redirect your condition is unavailability in relation to such men.

And for good, decent, humane men - to be open.

Of course, things are not so simple. For you, it may seem impossible, if you constantly choose married or those who have hurt you badly. Therefore, individual work with a psychologist to help you.