PROotnoshenie to yourself!

The information publications on issues of self-training abound.

On the one hand, it pleases, and on the other - there is a fear, as if in all this is not lost.

Highlight important aspects of self-topic, that allow to diagnose how much you love yourself and accept, as well as give information on what can and should work to pump your self-esteem.

Self-assessment of each person is recognized on three levels:

  1. to himself.
  2. The relationship with others.
  3. Quality of life.

At each step, highlight important points. If they are implemented in your life, you can put a "+" if the part is half the "+" if not, "-".

1. The ratio of self

You accept and love yourself, when:

  • Can you name at least 20 qualities that are most confident, and periodically expand this list of values ​​forming the image itself.
  • You see and accept your dark side: the qualities that you sometimes hinder or do not really like.
  • Do not compare yourself with others.
  • Do not compete with anyone, except with myself yesterday.
  • Do not criticize yourself, leaving the opportunity for others.
  • Take time for yourself and your self.
  • to be able to say "No" where do not agree.
  • You will not be bored with itself (ouch) is no fear of loneliness.
  • Do you believe in yourself and your capabilities.
  • Do you regularly to take care of your mental and physical health.

Those items, next to which you put a minus or partial advantages, is a zone of your personal growth and tools for improving self-esteem. Get your act!

2. Relations with others are the litmus test of self-esteem

With self-esteem is all right if:

  • you reasonably trust the people, without the constant waiting trick.
  • respect everyone with whom you come in contact in life.
  • has a circle of close friends with whom you can confide.
  • If you are interested in the other person's ability to take the initiative in the relationship.
  • permits people to have an opinion different from yours, so do not try to convince all and always in the right.
  • In the relationship to comply with its boundaries as well as the other person.
  • to share the responsibility in the relations between the quality and the result of the relationship.
  • Fully satisfied with the quality of friendship and love relationships.
  • satisfied with the quality of the professional relationship.
  • In dealing with others always see what the other person is either your mirror, or a teacher. Therefore, in relationships you develop.

Each of us has the opportunity to see a part of themselves in the relationship, which we did not notice, and analyze how to develop our self-esteem in the relationship.

3. Quality of Life

We get in life as much as allow yourself to receive, and allow as much as yourselves appreciate.

  • you get so much money, how much it themselves assess.
  • You spend most of their time at their own discretion when planning your day the best way for him.
  • You are doing things you love, work wherever you like.
  • You will see an image of a desired future and set goals for the movement to the desired year.
  • You are targeting in any situation on the opportunities rather than obstacles.
  • Do you pay attention to what has already been achieved, rather than what happened.
  • You are filled with the most live the present moment.
  • Do you know what gives you joy and pleasure, and give to it himself, without expecting that someone else should make you happy (oh).
  • most of the time you feel a sense of gratitude for what you have.
  • you build your life so that in the first place it is pleasing to you, without thinking "what other think of me."

If in your life all the items on a fairly good level, it means that self-esteem is all right!

And remember, self-dynamic, increase it or decrease you ask yourself!

Do not suffer samoUtsenkoy!

Increases from self!