Pro happy pair. Work. Training

Everyone wants to be happy in a pair. What sense to create a relationship in which we suffer?

It makes no sense, but many people think that the relationship - it's fine and not a problem. And only the last ten years, psychologists have begun to talk about the relationship - it is work.

  • What is labor?
  • Who is available in a couple of happiness?
  • And how to achieve it?

Let's deal.

Pair and scenario in which relations are developing, are placed in our deep childhood. We look at how to create a relationship of our parents, and are trained to build relationships as well. According to another it does not happen, it is obligate learning, which is laid in a certain period of time the sensitive and that is why we have over force. We live on the basis of it, however, with our development is changing, but the essence is always.

How does this relate to happiness?

Very simple - if your parents were not happy in a relationship, then you most likely will not. I'm not talking about candy buketny period, and about life as a couple. And what you saw really happy families? They are not so much! Instagramm, of course, shows us a bright, beautiful and happy couple, but neither I nor you can not know what is really going on. Such pairs, by the way, creating neurosis young for happiness, but it is a separate issue. So, luck in the pair is transmitted to us by inheritance.

Wisdom, for example, women - also inherited. Wisdom accumulated over the centuries and passed down from generation to generation, which is why it is wisdom, not just knowledge. And if my grandmother and mother were not wise women - from the woman to be wise? Especially in the 25-30, when relations are being built today.

Love in the pair, without work on himself available only to the elite, or patient and very wise. Wisdom can always save if you want. Favorite or you can call them, men of genius - is, for example, Einstein, Freese Perls, Tolstoy - these are people who have had the talent. So, the talent to build a relationship have the same minimum number of people for a century. You get into them? If yes - that's pretty cool! If not, read on.

If you were not passed inherited fortune and wisdom, or you are not a genius to build a relationship, the only one way out - the optional training: training, books, webinars, personal therapy with a psychologist. With a psychologist - is the best option, because with him you too are building relationships. Most often, the client comes in and says he wants to be happy in a pair, but it does not stand the fact that a psychologist, too, need to build a relationship, he is without a relationship she wants to be happy. This is a series - cause me happiness, do something, so I was happy. Needless to say, that in relations with the opposite sex had the same "trouble"? He wants in a relationship all by itself, and it happened a long-awaited happiness itself. There is no way that it is - it is necessary to work hard, that is, as I wrote above - education and therapy. But to really go for this training, it is necessary to make a clear decision that you want to be happy. to (conditionally) to be a Master, you have two years to work hard - to teach, write and pass examinations. And most of the want to come for a couple of lectures and get the coveted diploma. In college, maybe it's possible, but in life - there is no ...