What is the message contained in panic attacks and IRR?

Few people from specialists will cause doubt on the thesis that the panic attacks and vascular dystonia (VVD) are not very human problem, but only the symptoms that indicate the presence of other problems. These problems are, in practice, often have deep roots and a slight degree of awareness.

As is known, any sign contains a certain message that our unconscious is trying to convey to the person.

  • What are the messages contain a panic attack?
  • What's with the help of a panic attack unconscious trying to convey to the person?

The experience of helping people who suffer from panic attacks, during the period from 2011 by 2018. g (sample size of 387 cases) clearly shows that people with panic attacks and the ESP relevant three messages. These are simple, but all are equally valuable messages (all genius is simple). For each such message worth individual life scenario, and at the same time can be traced the general patterns, inevitably leading the person to panic attacks or IRR.

It is known that the same symptoms may be different reasons, and in order to understand the essence of the message, one must understand the context in which it arises, there is a detailed acquaintance with the life story of the person.

The First Epistle of

So you can not live - to be a long time in poor psycho-emotional state, without taking decisive steps to resolve the situation as soon as possible and out of it.

All people who applied with bouts of panic attacks and the IRR to their occurrence noted unfavorable period of life, one-time or repeating adverse events causing prolonged stress, poor psycho-emotional state.

In short, people suffered, lived in this state and allow himself to live for many months or years, without solving the problem. All this time went the accumulation of negative emotions - anxiety, fear, depression, anger, resentment. Swirled spiral of future panic attacks. In this sense, panic attacks do not just say, as a man screaming - to live in a permanent negative psycho-emotional experiences can not be, it is no less dangerous than living with physical pain and did not ask for help to doctors. Why is physical pain, we run to the doctor, and prefer not to do anything with heartache, remain in misery? Characteristically, panic attacks, or IRR symptoms begin is often (but not always) with a certain delay, after a period of adverse experiences, when a person has entered the mainstream of normal psycho-emotional state. Such a delay according to our sample ranged from one month to two years.

In connection with this attack of panic attacks or VSD for the man it was a complete surprise and is not linked to the previous period of trouble and experiences. People do not take into account the experiences of this period as a cause of panic attacks and the IRR, perceiving this period as a "normal" experience in their lives - who do not suffer, who are going through?

Running panic attacks and IRR occur, usually under the influence of some external activating event.

Among activating events most frequently:

  • bout of poor health due to a specific cause, such as an unfavorable medical diagnosis;
  • a decline in health, food poisoning or alcohol;
  • the threat of making a mistake;
  • unfulfilled expectations (frustration) on the work;
  • the threat of job loss;
  • false expectations to the marriage;
  • rupture of relations with family and significant others;
  • the threat of imprisonment;
  • the threat of a negative assessment of other people, the threat of falling into the enclosed space, and others.

In the absence of external events activating a panic attack initiated automatically thought, which contained the threat. In this case, the threat is usually carried far-fetched character. This idea is wrong, but to a person thought there was a high degree of trust, often the person she trusted to 100%.

The idea of ​​launching a panic attack was fleeting, evaluation and often subtle. People often do not notice the thought and could not remember it. But a more detailed study using trance techniques to prove that this is in fact so - people recalled these thoughts. Such thoughts are initiated by an acute attack of fear, because a person perceives the cause of the attack as a problem of health and real threat of possible severe consequences, including death. For example, an attack of tachycardia was seen as "... my heart is not all right, it beats so strongly that he could jump out of my chest, and I die." Activating the events described above, and automatic thoughts, threatening, occur in all people. But it suffers from panic attacks and IRR of 10% of the adult population of the planet. This fact is easily explained if we take into account the unfavorable period of life, which preceded their appearance. Period of life, which is lived so when I want to say - you can not live a long time in stress in a negative psycho-emotional state! This is where the hidden cause of panic or IRR.

So what happens to a person in the unfavorable period of life that creates and twists the spiral of panic attacks? The fact that man does not live the way he wants. More precisely, he is forced to live not the way you want, without satisfying their wants and needs, without reaching life goals, but on the contrary, forced to suppress them. It causes chronic stress, dissatisfaction with life. Emotionally, it causes irritation in humans, anger, aggression, resentment, depression, jealousy, envy.

Many analysts see the cause of panic attacks is that their attack is preceded by a period of accumulation of anger. And in a "perfect" moment of accumulated anger comes out of the unconscious and receives a discharge in the form of attacks of panic attacks. This is wrong on all counts. Anger, aggression can really be build. But during panic attacks people do not behave aggressively. Vegetative symptoms of panic attacks indicates the manifestation of fear responses, but not anger.

Accumulation of anger is not the cause, and accompanying process. Formiruyuet same basic process panic disorder.

The basic process of the formation of a panic attack and the VVD - this accumulation, repression and suppression in humans without fear of attempts to overcome them successfully.

These fears are the stops to meet the desires and needs of the person, give rise to avoidance strategy, failure of reasonable risk, do not contribute to the achievement of his goals in life. This just leads to dissatisfaction with life, plunging into a state of anger, resentment, aggression - everything is not the way I want. life is hard, almost impossible from the continuously updated fears. Therefore, fears of being replaced and suppressed. Their place is taken by depression, anger, anger, resentment, and physical symptoms. But what fears pushed out and depressed, does not mean that they are not. They affect everything that happens in a person's life, and in a state. We can say that panic attacks and IRR - is to a great extent unconscious fears that manifest themselves at the level of the body vegetative symptoms.

You can certainly argue that many people live unfulfilled lives, experiences, sufferings, and they fail to satisfy their desires, needs and achieve their goals in life - but they do not have a panic attack and the VVD.

It's like that. But the fact is that the people who were panic attacks, there is one feature - they do not decode the signals your unconscious. They pay no attention to the message of his unconscious no attention and did not solve the problem.

The situation looks like - if the unconscious sought to bring his message to "soft" methods, and people did not pay attention to them and did nothing, in what language it has to explain that he has psychological problems that give rise to many fears Limit?

Distorted thoughts, inadequately assessing the probability of risks and their consequences - have been? It was. A man they did not pay attention. Moreover, he later on his personal experience convinced that his thoughts were exaggerating the threat, but did not try to begin to assess the situation correctly.

Situations giving rise to unfounded fears - were? It was. Experience shows that nothing feared, fears were not justified. There would be the best time to study them and to get rid of. A man of his fears run away, supplanted, suppressed, did not do anything with them in order to overcome them and get rid of. As the unconscious has to inform a person that we can not live? Scare? Yes, scare mortal danger. After all, this man is good "being" on fears, as he well understood the language of fear, how powerless he is in front of them! Maybe panic attacks cause a person to finally make the necessary positive changes in your life? And he finally wants to learn how to evaluate the probability of threats and the possible consequences of certain life events, situations, people, including themselves, their capabilities, and as a result, to get rid of their fears.

At the heart of the liberation of the panic attacks and the IRR is the work of liberation from fear as the conscious and unconscious - repressed and depressed.

If there are unfounded fears, which means that people more or less out of touch with reality. Sometimes the degree of loss of contact with reality is so pronounced that it is possible to say - a man "took off from reality." Unfounded fear - it is a symptom that tells a person about his distorted perception of reality. But if the person does not respond to the symptom and not the cause responsible for that then?

The man resisted and drove his fear. But the body can not be fooled. If there is a repressed and suppressed fears are physical symptoms, which manifest themselves in the form of a panic attack and the VVD. If a person will understand and begin to get rid of their fears, the whole vegetative symptoms begin to disappear. Removing the constraints of life, he begins to live like human beings, satisfying their desires, needs and achieving their goals in life to give joy of life.

What a person does in this case? He runs the hospital and asks the doctor to cure him from bouts of panic attacks. But doctors with psychological problems of people do not work, that person very frustrating, and then begins what is said in the article "Panic attacks: the seven circles of hell" (I will not repeat).

Second Epistle of .

So you can not treat yourself!

People with panic attacks there is a specific self-perceptions. As a rule, there are core beliefs categories of helplessness and rejection. Specific implementations of such beliefs, helplessness categories, with whom we met in practice as follows - I am weak, I am helpless, I am a nonentity, I have what can not, I do not control the situation, and others. Specific implementations beliefs, rejection of the category, with whom we met in practice as follows - I'm no use to anyone, do not like me, I'm worse than others, I am bad, I am not of this world.

Living with such beliefs (and core beliefs are known to be formed in childhood), one forms at the intermediate complex of beliefs that are directly causes automatic thoughts, containing the threat and, as a consequence, unfounded fears. Over time, it is developing a complex of helplessness and inferiority. Formed a negative attitude toward himself, a negative attitude toward their current experiences and negative attitude towards their future.

How can you not fall into depression? Depression finally "tightening" the spiral of panic attacks to such an extent that "spring" inevitably bursts and fires a panic.

And as long as people do not change their core beliefs false categories of helplessness and rejection, it is not necessary to hope that the problem will be solved panic attacks.

Only the study of deep-seated beliefs and changing ideas of their real abilities and possibilities will allow a person to achieve in life what a man wants, and that is what leads to a positive result.

The third message of

To live without the purpose of life, then, to deprive his life something very important! There is another problem that must be solved for the complete cessation and relapse-free panic attacks. This so-called existential problem (lack of meaning of life). And for this you need to find answers to the questions - who am I to the world, why am I here, why he had come, what is my purpose, what is the main purpose of my life?

Only the awareness of your true "I" and the development of the main goal of his life can fill human life with meaning, take it to the "broad highway of life" and to prevent any whatsoever "sliding into a ditch and prickly bushes along the road of life," which cause human panic.

In all 387 cases in our sample people with panic attacks and the IRR was asked - what is for you the meaning of life? In all cases, the question people answered - I do not know, did not think, I do not have any meaning in life or were some vague dubious answers.

Some people in the process of treatment of panic attacks and the ESP the question arises - and it is possible to get rid of panic attacks without solving the existential problems, that is, without having to search for meaning in life, determining the main purpose of life? Can. But how to do so, so as not to host a new reality distortion estimates that give rise to new fears, and not to repeat the mechanisms of panic attacks? To do this, just need to solve the existential problem.

Aimless "wandering" Life is the most important problem, which "pushes" a man in the Procrustean bed of a panic attack and the VVD. Should I repeat the traversed path?

The man who found his main aim in life and moves to her, in the way in danger, and if this is a real threat, he was afraid of them - fear, but continues to go further, overcoming fears. It goes further by them, they are left behind. And on unfounded fears and nadumyvanie has neither the strength nor the time.