How do women influence the supply of money in the family

Nowadays, only a lazy person is not interested in the topic of money. Money has become so important that women are interested in creating a pair, as a man earns more than what it is in family life.

As far as the supply of money to the family depends on the man?

Let's investigate.

Each of us has a basic and sets the acquired limiting beliefs and parental (tribal) messages.

Limiting beliefs - is any negative thoughts about money, which we have organized ourselves, looking at how the money turning our parents.

At the same time, maybe all was good, but our brains can be folded out of a very different picture than what we broadcast the parents. And very often all of our limiting beliefs (!) - the unconscious. You can find them only with the help of a psychologist in individual work or training, or doing special exercises.

The generic message - this is a direct message from our parents about money. And broadcast behavior.

  • For example, the mother said that 'Money goes to money, but if we do not, then where they come from. "
  • or "Not in money happiness - normally are living."
  • or "earn money is very hard work."
  • "The money - the evil" from the same opera.

And we absorb these little words and live with them the rest of his life, unless, of course, do not do in order to work them out.

Mom can also say that she is very tired at work, that she had no strength for anything around the house, and what life is hard - it's enough to make a couple of negative findings.

And the more we have in these limiting beliefs and parent letters - the less money comes into our lives. This applies to all - both men and women. Nowadays, a lot of successful people. And that their requests for admission money grow - the appetite comes with eating. And then women want is a man earned a lot more than it brings money into the house. Various workshops on how to make her husband a millionaire - proof that on this subject there is a demand. Women really want to earn a good husband.

Another aspect: a woman wants to solve their financial problems at the expense of men. But not a bit of it, communication skills with the money in it is still there because of her own financial problems.

I do not deny that such training can be beneficial. As far as I know, they are built on the fact that we operate on female behavior.

One may work for us by their behavior, you can at least become his wife the most gold, but if there's a woman limiting beliefs - that all the work will be canceled or will not bring the desired results they dream of. It will be similar to what a woman with one hand that a man gives and the other beats. This may be a difficult idea to grasp. But the power of limiting beliefs is so great that any behavior not change its effect.

If we are talking about a couple, then of course that all the limiting beliefs they will be for two. And whose restrictions stronger - this issue is also not simple. If you want a man to earn more, you have to begin first of all with his attitude to money, to the days of the man.

Here is an example of limiting beliefs that affect the flow of money from the man.

  • "If it will make good money, then lead his mistress" or "Men who earn good money - always have mistresses."
  • "If it will make good money, it will be a lot of work, and I will remain without attention, and I really needed."
  • "If it will make good money, then the children will be left without attention."

to add that each of these limiting beliefs is supported by fear - treason or loneliness. Needless to say that the big money in the family can be no question? For the mind is much quieter without money, but her husband would be home. In view of the fact that it is unconscious processes - how women will organize a lack of money, track is quite difficult. To understand the processes can also be via a psychologist.

More examples.

I've seen enough of couples who lived more or less in terms of money in the family. But it was enough to disperse them, a man finds a woman with whom he blossomed and began to earn decent.

There are women who are recognized in the consultations that their Lovers "climb the mountain" while the husband sitting with no money, and sits. Needless to say, that its limiting beliefs just to lovers not, because both the lovers do not have plans in a relationship?

This article I do not want to blame women that just because they do not have money in the family.

I encourage to think about its internal limitations and work them out.

Let me remind you that the restrictions in the pair for two and with them in any case it is necessary to work, if you want to go to another level of material well-being.