Why do I care about my age?

"Why do I care about my age?

Especially when failures occur.

I'm worried about how I was going to live in old age.

And what do I do with this emotion " -? You ask.

Typically, these questions are asked by those who are strongly tied to their work, and it is in the first place. Man rarely hear the desires and completely immersed in work, doing what should prove himself and all that he can handle it, all he will succeed. He's smart, strong, brave and decent.

When a person listens to his desires, he lives every moment of this life with joy.

And it happens that he is motivated by anxiety and concern about the future. You have to think, as there will be in his old age, a health opportunity.

We pay attention to the people in the truck?

What are the different riding old woman. Some = weary, tortured, skukozhennye, with a set of rules. Others - positive, open, with a twinkle in his eye. It does not depend on the age, health or marital status.

  • Some continue to enjoy life.
  • Other survive this century.

to What determines the mood?

By attitude. Adults often behave as adults. Rather, they are playing in adults. In such a smart and serious. And forget about their internal small children. Namely, a small child is pulling their strings and attracts attention. And even in the face of the old woman can say what she was a girl. Positive and open. Or closed and sullen.

If you afraid to live now, if in doubt, you live right, then with age it will only intensify. So pay attention to your feelings at the moment.

What you make of what you want and like it?

Try to take life as a game. It is actually a game.

Look at the children as they play in the sandbox. This presence status and full of buzz. While adults do not prevent them from their brains. It should intervene in the process of the game, all - the joy of life is over.

Exactly the same is happening inside us. While we hear the inner child, love and support him, help him, he helps us also feel a sense of joy. One has only to turn on the adult, childhood joy disappears, start screaming, istereki, excitement.

  • you think about how to look the part?
  • What you think about employees, subordinates, customers, parents?

You already do have children and grandchildren and still prove to someone that you are a good and worthy of love. And above all you are worthy of their love.

Pay attention to himself at last, and not on what is happening around. It's the most important. Because you look at life is not all together, but by themselves. Think of your child's uncommitted, their unfulfilled desires - and give him what he wants. Pobesitsya, play. Enough to build from a serious adult.

Adults are afraid of failure.

Children are afraid of nothing.

Yes, and there are no failures. There is an experience that is necessary to note, draw conclusions and move on. Even if something goes wrong, it does not mean that you become suddenly ill. For what reason? Who told you that? It's just working moments. And to you personally, these failures are not related. You do not become worse. You have become experienced. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Allow yourself to forget something or not do. This is perfectly normal.

When you stop yourself scold, you start listening to yourself this.

After criticism you can not hear what is really going on inside you, in the body, in the senses. His reflections on your right you score a real life stream.