Healing the Inner Child

Inside each of us lives a small child.

This is the part of us, which collected all of our childhood experiences. It includes all the feelings and emotions, physical feelings, behavior, and images (visual, auditory, olfactory), all our systems and needs.

And as they grow older children this part does not disappear, but continues to live in the mind of an adult and have an impact on his emotional state at the bottom of this.

And those needs that were not met in childhood, those childhood trauma, which may have been forgotten, but is still not healed - will affect all aspects of adult life, to trust the ability to love, to be happy.

Therefore it is very important to our relationship with your inner child had been established that he had heard, seen ... After all, it depends on how we interact with the world, with our loved ones, loved ones, with our children.

And, as a rule, our attitude toward this part repeats itself as a blueprint, the ratio of significant adults to us when we were kids.

  • When we are in pain, resentment, say to yourself: "Do not whine! Coming! Do not cry! ", We appeal to your inner child.
  • When we criticize ourselves for aggression, we criticize their inner child.
  • When we feel bad, lonely, sad, and we do not want to ignore it, we are afraid to ask for help or support, we are ignoring his inner child in need of acceptance, love and attention as when he was a child ...

But if our relationship with the inner child change, if we become more attentive and caring toward him, our life begins to change dramatically, our relationships become more joyful and harmonious, have more fun, and the that previously seemed impossible becomes realistically possible.

And then together with us changing the world around us!

How to start acceptance of their inner child?

As mentioned above, our attitude to their children's inner parts - as a blueprint repeats relationships significant adults in our childhood. It was then that we absorb in all installations, the model of relations with the outside world. It then forms a relationship to itself, because the first opinion, which is converted upon us, and that will have a huge impact on what we are going to see themselves - are the eyes of our parents (or persons substituting them).

And not always in the first glance appears quite love and acceptance, care and attention, but there can be a lot of criticism of conditionality for love, emotional detachment and nevovlechonnosti ...

Then we begin to strive to ensure that in whatever was to earn the love and unconditional acceptance, which requires a defenseless child's heart the most ... Or, on the contrary, all attempts to leave and humble with his loneliness ... These solutions are absorbed by us at a subconscious level:

  • do not feel pain;
  • not to show anger, rage;
  • to be strong;
  • to be good / ideal;
  • to prove that I deserve love;
  • to ignore their needs and desires;
  • to be useful to others;
  • to try to be the best in everything;
  • not to trust;
  • to avoid proximity;
  • at war with the world, as it is against me;
  • to be on guard, because the world is not safe ...

In other words, the decision - not yourself!

And in adulthood, these solutions live in our children's part of the psyche and continue to affect our outlook on life, our relationship with the outside world, to our attitude and feeling in the world.

They do not disappear because the little child and his injuries neistselonnymi all also waiting for the love and acceptance that did not get in his childhood. These decisions - the only available way for him to get what he still needs.

Are there any way out of the "vicious circle"?

Yes, there is!

Of course, to rewrite his childhood, we can not go back in time too ...

Each of us has a story of childhood, with their injuries, pain. But if then, for very different reasons, our mom and dad could not give us exactly the kind of love that we needed, the Today we have we! And today we can give ourselves to our inner child attention, love, understanding and support.

We ourselves can turn to their injured children's part and instead of scolding and shaming her weakness, expression of feelings, feeling pain, said:


I'm with you! I see and hear you!

I see and hear your pain!

I understand you and accept for who / Star you are!

But you're not the only one / not one!

You got me!

I'll take care of you!

I will support you.

I love you!

And then in the making, is likely to change and the picture of childhood! And there will be other colors, other colors ... And perhaps we will see the kind of love to us, that was. Yes, not one in which we needed, but it still was! After all, we loved as they could and as they could!

When changing the image of childhood,

the picture changes radically the present day

and the prospect of the future!

That's the magic!