The beast within

Soft, quiet and soulful man. The soul of the company, a pleasant companion, agreeable and good mood feels different.

All of this comes to his association with strangers, is not too close to people.

But even strangers often feel a strange, subtle alarm with him. If the understanding that they should behave just so with him as calm and restrained as he ... otherwise do not understand what else ... but not worth it. Although at first glance, he seems happy and at peace, as if nothing could ruffle him.

And people close to this man, living in a constant sense of the invisible guardian who vigilantly monitors the implementation of the unspoken rules. And like the rules are practical, and they do not constrain anyone. But break them terribly, already reduces the stomach and the spiral in the chest. You can not. Impossible.

And the rules do not change. Never. But time passes and people change, and external circumstances require flexibility. And the rules do not change.

This is because these rules guarantee a relatively calm life for such a man. Only in them, he feels confident. Rules help to create a cell that does not break out of the Beast.

This animal lives inside him. And he is afraid of the beast. He is very strong, often brutal, aggressive, able even to kill, perhaps. The Beast can not be controlled, it can only be subordinate.

A subordinate can only be locked, hiding. To hide the cell and need clear and understandable rules.

Rules may not be violated, otherwise the Beast a chance to escape.

And it's scary. Then all life will fly to hell.

He thinks so, and so builds his life this man.

And why I write about a man? For women such a dime a dozen around the.

Just in the last year I have seen a lot of these men - in life and in his office.

a tormented man. He is constantly on guard, tense all the time ready to attack - and suddenly the beast breaks out? He was so tired, he was emaciated. After all, relax, let go of their strong hands can not. Wild anxiety comes when a man is trying to do it. But how to gain strength and is free to smile, if all the time required to maintain the world order, that the cell does not open.

And if a man comes into my office, then one request - to learn to enjoy, rest, relax, do not worry about everything, become satisfied with life, finally. Because everything in his life is. And there is no joy and strength. And there is no peace. The combat readiness of the eternal. A otgadka so simple. But to execute it very scary.

With the Beast have to meet, learn closer to tame.

No, that's you! Tame it can not be! Wild!

Wild-it wild ... But for some reason, have come to you. He came a long time ago, to save, to help. Recalls.

And then the fun begins. It turns out that the beast - not the enemy. The man he once called the Beast, and then was afraid it might. He decided to lock up.

And the beast, and you need something: respect, recognition yes lawn, where you can safely frolic, without hurting anyone. And then he will be there a true friend, which is then for a long time in the past, will be ready to help and not hurt.

And the cell becomes unnecessary. And only need to respect and recognition of himself, his beast, your tandem.