Why work with a psychologist?

A man is valuable in itself, without any shoulds.

They love not for something, but just because a person has is what it is.

Who is most considerate of others, trying to please be sensitive to the other and trying to please - the most in need of acceptance and understanding. At the same time, such a person in itself is a unique flower, which bloomed in spite of difficult situations in life. It is love, and he is able to share it.

In the photo of my drawing, I did four years ago.

So I imagined a transformation.

Brilliant, he still remains a brilliant passing tough cut. Life is impossible without pain, but also it is impossible without love, warmth and understanding that will help relive the pain and become stronger, wiser, to accept life experience and move on.

Why work with a psychologist?

Our birth and subsequent events early childhood and youth - it is fate. Often it takes years, what would it take and otgorevat loss and what did not happen. As shown by my work with clients in the first half of life, people often encounter traumatic situations in which a mentally (and often physically) had to survive. It can be long to explore and understand their own past experience, but when there is support from the other person - it turns to get the experience of intimacy that did not exist at the beginning of life. And it makes a big difference.

Unfortunately, afford to go for help is not easy. Because there is a strong, unconscious belief (which formed the previous experience) - you need to deal with all of yourself, no one will help. After all it was, then and there. And as if it should always be.

Inside there is a good object distant and unavailable, it is impossible to rely on. And the bad depressing and destroy objects - close. He is habitual, and seems to be needed. Therefore, people find it very difficult to make a good attitude after the serious and frequent shocks. Because these shocks were associated with loved ones. These shocks were unexpected.

And, nevertheless, always been the people who have helped you in your life.

Try to remember them.

So you start to move towards goodness itself.

And the task of psychotherapy to strengthen it.

In the process of working with a psychologist good internal object becomes more noticeable inside you, and you can more confidently rely on it. That is, you begin to trust yourself, your intuition. And to feel that you're all right. You are a good such as it is. Yes, the past was so.

Sometimes terrible and unbearable. And yet, you are here and now.

  • And that means - be grateful to yourself the one that survived.
  • Be grateful to Me that which coped.
  • Be grateful to yourself now.

The present and the future is now in your hands.

You have every right to support, use it.

Begin to free your soul, body and mind from the suffering that overwhelms you. It is important that you had a number of people that will withstand what happened to you, your feelings and experiences, and professional to help you.

Friends and relatives do not stand up, often turn away from your pain, because they are overwhelmed by their wounds. Therefore, a professional psychologist can not be overemphasized.

I will be very glad to help you.