Happiness: What? How? How many? Who?

Happiness (pre-Slavic * sčęstje explain from * s- "good" and čęst * "part" that is "good inheritance" - the human condition, which corresponds to the highest satisfaction of the internal conditions of its existence, completeness and meaningfulness of life, exercise their human vocation, self .

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How long?

Narrow-minded point of view is approximately as follows:

You can only be happy if you are healthy, wealthy, free and successful in their personal lives. Each of us think that if only win a million, get a post, well or substitute their aspirations here, we instantly become happy for many, many years. Is it so?

Large-scale scientific studies say - no, wrong. It is proved that after 3 months of any event of happiness curve drops sharply and we are back to normal, routine life. So ​​the one who broke a sweat Jack and the one who lives sat in a wheelchair, in a year will experience the state of happiness is almost the same.

To luck for happiness?

No matter how happy the long-awaited marriage of girl, 3 months boundless happiness will replace a full calm, referred to as the norm. And the one who was in prison, through the same 3-4 months too, will bounce back and will also enjoy life, but in their scale. Transmission was delicious? The concert brought? A pack of good cigarettes treated? All this will be perceived happiness. You see? level of happiness - it is always the same, only the scale are different, depending on the situation. Figuratively speaking, if the will (or wealth, or healthy) you rejoiced 5 times a day, then after some time in prison (the poor or the sick) you will also enjoy 5 times a day. But on other occasions. Circumstances have changed, but the structure will remain!

All the happiness there is available?

By virtue of his profession, I regularly communicate with people who consider themselves unhappy. This is understandable - the analyst to look happy nothing. To me are the changes in quality of life. In other words, people want to be happy from the accident. I see these changes from the side? Of course, I see! But here is the subjective opinion of the patient, as a rule, is: nothing has changed. 5 years he goes, 10 years old - well not see it change, and that's it!

Do you want to know why?

Objectively the patient make a lot of changes in your life are improving relationships, establish contacts, the goals are achieved, reduced chronic anxiety. But the man just does not see it, because he firmly convinced that we should work with the psychologist, and the world will shine, shoot fireworks happiness, and it will fly, priprygivaya sometimes happiness. Could it be? Of course not. Such a state is possible only by finding a strong drug, when changing worldview.

What depth psychology?

And what is happiness then be expected as a result of working with a psychologist? Replace the internal world, getting rid of the toxic plants, removing blocks, and finally - a significant reduction in anxiety.

Why do I emphasize the last? Because increased anxiety is almost the main "poison" of life. Since it is impossible to think objectively, understand the meaning of their actions. Since it is impossible to calculate the results of their actions, it just does not give a normal life.

As you can see, my friends, everyone wants happiness, but not everyone understands what it is.

What are your thoughts about what was said?