Not choose me

Automatisms - is everything!

All our life consists of automatic actions.

And it does not matter what you do - cross your legs when sitting, or build a relationship. Over 80% of our automatisms laid, you guessed it, a child. But our mind is not a bottomless pit, which remembers everything, and very, very many moments of childhood, we do not remember. Especially since we do not remember how to take certain decisions that affect our lives.

We ourselves, without the help of a specialist, can not always keep track of the causal link with childhood, which spoils our lives.

Automatism, when it comes to relationships - this program: that is incorporated - is up and running.

I choose not to

  • eeto when you often enough (again unconsciously) choose such a relationship in which the encounter with the change, which in the end choose another person.
  • This is when you truly make friends and then one gets closer to someone else.
  • This is when the boss gives preference to another employee, but you are much better able to cope with the tasks.

Sometimes this is all happening in a person's life together. The main one - in the life of a man is constantly faced with triangles. The reason for this lies in the life of children's relationships. It does not matter whether it's parents were siblings or friends from kindergarten or school. Once you have chosen not to.

Perhaps you are very fond of her mother, and you did not have, and she chose a pope or a younger child. In the garden you truly were friends, and then the child is chosen for friendship or other other. The main one - once this has happened to you the first time and you can not respond properly suspended. This was the cause of psychological trauma. Not that injury, which brought heavy damage, and that injury which has remained in your subconscious. This resentment, pain or fear then settled in a small heart and continue to live.

And now the injury is committed to the completion of - you choose the kind of relationship to the injury to complete, and can not complete because there is no experience. You always feel the same feelings and do not understand - why this is happening to you. That's a vicious circle.

In order for such a program is recorded is sufficient and one case in which you have concluded. It does not necessarily deal with the fact that I do not pick the time. And another important point - what is going on with one child, and may occur with another - but the reactions and conclusions will always be different!

Is it possible to test yourself on this program?

Can. Sufficient to analyze - how often do you face the fact that you did not choose? In relations with the opposite sex, friendship, work. And if this happens and you react negatively to it - most likely, this program you have. Because if you take me personally, if I do not choose - I would not care. A person who has a program - will face negative feelings and they will live a long time.

What to do?

independently, unfortunately, is not able to change, because it is important to find this picture, which carries conviction, and work it. And this work has to be done one who understands this and who will have to lead to a change in your condition. It is not so long and expensive, and the result - a very different attitude and the result of this relationship.