Obsessive thoughts go to many people.

Their main difference is the frequency and anxiety they provoke.

They are not usually associated with a familiar activity, unpleasant, appear stuck. Hazards may be different. Many are related to social life: the invasion of personal boundaries, the injustice, the possible loss of job or status, inability to interact and communicate with people. In today's world, these difficulties come to the fore and realized not immediately and not always.

Upon closer inspection it turns out that for every obsessions hidden anxiety and her fear. Obsessive thoughts - this is a provocation of fear.

The danger in our brain responsible amygdala. It receives signals from the senses and compares them with past experience, which is stored there. When the coincidence signal is generated "dangerous" and the body begins mobilization. The reptilian brain, which is the amygdala, is not very selective. It reacts to triggers - signals that were once associated with danger. The reaction occurs even if the current situation is not dangerous at all.

With it is necessary to understand the cerebral cortex, that is consciousness. It evaluates and confirms the danger or hangs mobilization. But with this assessment and strain relief are having difficulty. Unfortunately, the minds of many leads.

Where are the obsessions

Thinking associative. Seen today touches the association from the past, and the brain constructs a thought, sometimes strange. An alarm occurs. Maybe with me that something is wrong if it comes to my mind. The first natural desire is to get rid of unwanted guests.

The emergence of thought can not be controlled. You can escape, switch, and while it is possible not to think. But the thought of returning like a boomerang, causing even more irritated by their appearance. This is logical - the emotion that arose when it appears, gave a danger signal. The more active we are struggling with obsessive thoughts, the more it is bound. The idea is already there, it is a fact, can be medical. This is reality. Do not take it - is to act like a naughty child who wants a toy: I want it! Well, I do not want it to be, as in our case.

Dialogue with himself:

- What if I did not shut off the gas?

- No, I usually turn it off.

- I do not remember now turned off.

- Well, then we have to check.

And checks. To remove the alarm, the person committing the action.

The alarm usually does not trust anyone but yourself first.

Thought, but for her and anxiety returned, and the action is repeated. It is necessary to check again and again. Distrust stimulates helplessness and many danger signals. Permanent mobilization of the body's exhausting. Strength to resist compulsive actions remains. So there are anxiety disorders.

whether the gas is turned off, it can be checked. And when action possibilities are exhausted? For example, there is a suspicion that the husband changes, this idea became obsessive, and the phone is already checked and nothing else to do to calm yourself? Just awful!

The brain has to deal with what he has, that is, with those obtained from the senses and processed in the form of coded signals: signs and images. Well, if the information is enough, and then it is close to reality, and if not, there are pictures resemble detached uncontrollable balloon lifted reinforcing thoughts flow. "What if ..." "No, it can not be ..." "What if ...". While unable to find arguments to reassure himself, still "can live", then the alarm goes off scale

Muscles tense all the time, they cease to relax completely, forming blocks. The body and mind are linked: if washed provoke tension, the opposite is true - when there is muscle tension, you can not get rid of anxiety. The vicious circle of human anxiety. This means that relaxation is absolutely necessary. Help breathing exercises, relaxation after stress and after stretching. The body and brain are inextricably linked, without their full cooperation can not feel good.

Animals shed their voltage is very simple. They run away or attack, if the danger is real, and relax the muscles, like a cat, or a twitch of them as even-toed ungulates, as she passed. And all this in real time. In humans, the past and present are often confused, and the relaxation mechanism fails, and the voltage remains with all the negative consequences.

When unable to get rid of obsessive thoughts, begin to argue with her.

We must somehow calm yourself!

Imagine a dialogue with the disturbing girl friend.

She can tell her: "Never mind," "Distract" "It's not worth it", "All will be well," and anything else of the sort. The intentions are good, and anxiety is reduced, but the end is still not out.

Approximately so constructed and inner dialogue.

By agreeing to seek calm arguments, you do not get rid of the obsession. She only that it should be - attention. This mental dialogue is the energy that fuels the obsessions.

Trying to calm the raging of the reptilian brain signals the body in this way, you support them. This is an internal struggle that takes energy and vitality.

Instead, ponder how it all really, whether you have enough data to objectively assess the situation, rather than coming up with scary pictures in my head, watch their reaction as the body stiffens as quickens the pulse. You are so accustomed to react to what is normal, this reaction does not involve. It's a habit, you have taught your body - it follows that it is possible to retrain. Many believe that the idea - it's almost that action. And the ability to influence events and to attract them - it's even a fortune-teller did not go. Therefore, to avoid problems, thoughts must be controlled. All the elements of magical thinking.

To each of us, and no one came to the absurd, sometimes horrible thoughts that emerged from associations from the past weave, fantasy and strange desires. And nothing alive, it's just a thought, nothing more. Liability is incurred for actions still the Inquisition took place, and now the thoughts are not punished, although attempts are still happening.

Unfortunately, fear of bad thoughts is very common.

"Even thinking about it do not you dare!" - familiar, does not it? Not thought to blame the mechanism of self-fulfilling prophecies, and the reaction to them, but more on that another time.

are a common way of coping with anxiety rituals. spit over his left shoulder, knock on wood, black cat ... the list is very long. Uncertainty scares, I want to keep everything under control. Rituals - is an illusion of control over the situation.

Somehow I had to be at the wedding. Ancient institution of marriage, and there are many rituals. Most of the time, and took communion controversy, what and how to do it right, so that the young were happy. Sorry, but the rituals do not save love.

How to break this vicious circle of anxious arousal? "Whoever hinders us, that will help us!", - said the famous cinematic character.

  • People live in different climates. In the middle zone, in the heat of Africa, even beyond the Arctic Circle, where it is cold. In the same places they feel differently. Happiness does not depend on this.
  • One lucky with genetics, they got a strong nervous system; the other - not very much, it is so sensitive that the slightest trouble enough that there was a failure. Stress, bad parenting, psychological trauma - all of which affect, someone starting conditions better, someone worse. But just as the climate, they do not determine the quality of life.
  • Consciousness. Evolution gave it to the man. With it, he has successfully adapted to the environment and learned to change it. It can also adapt to their own situation, according to the nature or laid in childhood, when he was still not able to influence them because of their age. Recognize and incorporate them in their attitude towards themselves and others.

You can reduce increased anxiety, if we understand its origins and learn how to interact with its manifestations. You can cope with irrational fears, panic attacks, leveraging common sense and using the correct psychological techniques. So you can slip out of the clutches of intrusive thoughts and look at the situation from the outside.

Consciousness creates your attitude toward what happens to you.

It chooses what to do .

Only it must be used for its intended purpose.

If the iron is, in principle, it is possible to hammer a nail,

consciously control the appearance of thinking does not work,

and here form a correct attitude towards them - completely.