Man needs not a man, and love

Man needs not a man, and love.

But since love needs manifestation, we are looking for a partner.

Thus, the love of which so much is said and sung, always with us and always available to us, but we do not always allow it to manifest itself. When we are open and ready to love, and find the one who is ready to really take our love (not consumer-to take, namely to accept), we feel immense gratitude to this man:

Thank you for letting me love you, I am very grateful to (-len) you for it.

A little bit wrong to claim that it happens in pairs, when one loves and the other supposedly "allows himself to love." "Allows" in this case is not the right word. It would be better to say about such a nonreciprocal love, that one tries to love, to love as he can, a bit naive, a bit infantile, and the other just gets the benefits to be gained from dialogue with a partner.

For example, when a woman loves, a man receives a benefit, it might look like this:

She fed me, prigolubit, priodenet, and maybe even earn us money ... Conveniently same! Why give up good?

It is clear that this is a purely consumerist attitude on the part of men and is such an unhealthy love of the woman. And if we talk about the more precise and the sacred meaning of the words "allow yourself to love", here we are talking about deep understanding and interchange.

This can be compared, for example, with the way the composer needed listeners, connoisseurs of his work, from which he received recognition and exciting realization that he was not the only one.

He was not the only one who feels so, so alive, so sees and loves. His understanding, his notice, his value, his love - and it is my deep gratitude and love in return.

Composer wants to do even more and give the world their beautiful works, full of love, to create and to give to him - is how to breathe, how to live. It obtained a permanent exchange of energy of love from one to another, back-court.

We can say to the partner instead of "I love you and want you to love me" - "I love to love you and I want you to love me, love."

If your partner is grateful to you for what you love, but even more grateful to for the opportunity to love you, because the love in his heart he will get even more - you caught him right wave.

Maybe the "right" is not quite the right word, as well in some sense all ... Everyone acts according to his best intentions, and making the best choice of those which he has in the data point, even if a third glance , it is not so. Everyone strives for the best, everyone wants to live well, and most importantly - feel good. All of the above for those who are entangled in a relationship, who knows how to move on - together or separately - or how to say goodbye to loneliness and finally meet a loved one. If now the most important for you is not a partner, and awareness of how easily and freely in you flows the love, then you catch that same wave, you co-tune with love inside you - and solving any problems in the relationship will come to you naturally, you will know what to do. The answers will come.

During the consultations, customers are very ask me: "What do I do?" ...

Hmm, you are ready to exchange his intimate response that nashepchet you your heart, in my answer, which may be totally in tune with you? What for? Listen to yourself!

And I as a psychologist doing my job, which is to make you remember that already knew. My task is to teach you to catch your own wave and teach you to listen to in your veins flows are always available to you love.