Myths that hinder to go to a psychologist for help

There are times when we feel bad.

Painful, scary, difficult or somehow uncomfortable.

Then we try to somehow handle yourself - read books, do the exercises, work on yourself. Or communicate with friends, seek the help of friends. But still I feel not so good. And then may come to mind - but not whether to go to a psychologist. But then doubts may arise that stop. I propose to call them myths and look at them closely.

The first myth: By psychologist go only crazy or patients

If you go to a psychologist, then everyone will think that with me that something is wrong, I'm crazy.

Sick people sent to a psychiatrist and a psychologist working with healthy people who want to understand themselves and solve their problems. You can put up with fears, limitations that you stop on the way to your dreams - and you can deal with them, take a closer look and overcome.

  • I'm sure you care about yourself and you go to the dentist when you have a toothache,
  • to the hairdresser to make a hairstyle,
  • to a doctor to get rid of the disease.

So ​​do you go to a psychologist to improve their quality of life.

The second myth: To the psychologist is necessary to go with a clear request or problem

I need to know exactly what my problem is and what I want.

Often we encounter in our lives with confusion. Do not understand where we are going and why, what we want and how to get it. And we think that if we do not understand where we have "hurt" and what happens to us, it makes no sense to ask for help. And then quite the opposite. Just with a psychologist can clarify what happened to you as you fall into this confusion and how can it get out of themselves. Oh, and understand what you want and where you move on.

The third myth: to a psychologist to go with something very serious

I can not go with any garbage, that's death or divorce - yes, and I have that?

The roots of this myth lies in our habit to devalue their feelings and difficulties. And this, too, is important and useful work. You have the right to go to a psychologist, if you just feel like you hard, painful, uncomfortable. If you are tired and do not see the lumen output solutions. If you do not have someone to talk to, you need help or support, which is not there. If all is well, and you feel bad.

If we compare with the treatment, it's true - we have decided to come only when the kiss. When the pain is very strong already or something falls off. And someone cares about prevention, about how to live better now. You choose what is closer to you.

Myth Four: Psychologists may say or think, it's all about me

I the fool, and therefore the life of me stupid.

The task of a psychologist - to show you what it is you think so, but he is not. And yet see why you need it. So think to yourself, pass the buck to the psychologist or others. Where did you get this habit and what it is useful for you. And then you can choose: to continue to do the same or to learn a new way. Also, the main job of the psychologist to make you anything, so how do not accept others and yourself.

The fifth myth. If I go to a psychologist - hence, very bad thing

I have / should always deal with everything myself (a), and if I go to a psychologist, I can not cope with their lives.

One of the dangerous belief that locks us inside the castle. We got a messenger from his childhood as a valuable tool for protection. And now fend for themselves one, so as not to think that we are weak, so as not to regret it. In fact, the ability to ask for help when hard, ability to care for themselves and to sympathize with others and ourselves - these are signs of the adult and mature person.

There are many other myths that can stop you to go to a specialist. But it's not just them, also important is your internal readiness to take responsibility for your life and work to get the desired changes.