As our feelings affect your health?

When in our life happens for a significant event, we experience certain emotions related to it.

Emotion creates the idea - and there is a score event.

Depending on how "bad" it is an emotion, or "good", we usually react to it by any action or lack of it.

The action, in turn, gives the result.

Ideally, when you can objectively assess their condition and identify their emotions - only if your action is an adequate response to the event.

The problem is that to identify, recognize and live the emotions we often do not know how. Because in our culture, a lot of facilities, accommodation and prohibit demonstrations of emotion, not only negative but sometimes positive.

Here is an example.

Since there was a man some trouble (sacked boss had a row with her parents parted with his beloved, etc...) - this event.

Inside is born anger, disappointment, fear, resentment, maybe even some kind of emotion.

For you, this event is clearly negative. However, inside you living knowledge / installation that angry "bad" or "you need to meet trouble with dignity," or mother once taught: "never show your feelings to people!" ... and you're doing a good face on a bad game.

And your action in this situation would be as follows: behave decently, not to show that you touched it. Therefore, you "put on" smile on your face and pretend that you are all well. You're a good and proper.

Your ego will probably not even the height of the understanding: "What I have done! How I handled the situation! ". You might even make a friend a compliment: "Well, you give! I would not able to / could! Here is a decision! ".

But there is another side to the coin. If you do this often, that is more important for you "cool look in the eyes of other people," or do you think that expressing their feelings ugly, or that "you have to be above it all ...", then sooner or later come across the fact that your the body begins to ache. What symptoms may indicate the presence of suppressed emotions?

Insult of tears and lead to nasal diseases. Such as sinusitis.

Unspoken words cause problems with his throat: sore throat, tonsillitis.

Resentment toward men rise to various women's diseases.

A large number of unexpressed anger - creates hypertension. The list can be long and hard.

All of these symptoms usually occur in our lives when stored in a lot of these so-called suppressed "negative" feelings. Sometimes there are so many that at some point the internal stress increases so much that you just "mind-blowing" and a wave of emotion sweeping, giving too violent reaction that does not meet this situation, the importance. And, of course, it looks ugly, then we feel guilty that we again and destroys. Therefore, such a behavior and attitude towards their emotions constructively is not.

It may sound corny, but against the facts is difficult to defend: to be physically healthy, it is important to be healthy mentally.

What does this mean technically?

Accept themselves, their emotions, learn how they themselves recognized and calmly talk about it, to be able to adequately and safely express and live. But as the culture of self-acceptance, self-love, skill to feel your feelings and emotions and take them - we do not, then it is difficult without support, without any real examples and practice.

I as a psychologist confronted with the fact that people sometimes do not know how feelings are called, and may not be more or less accurately describe what they are feeling at any given time. I had a client who every time to my question: "What do you feel right now," said, "a good sense of ..." or "bad feeling." And it was the maximum for which it was capable. But to hear themselves, their feelings, and even just to say that "now I am angry" or "I hurt to hear it in your address" - this is the means to place these emotions in life. And most of the emotions we can "release" without closing the them in their unconscious, only to teach them at least call. There are entire dictionaries emotions - sometimes I recommend to my clients to read it and try to use them to describe the feelings they are experiencing in life. Try!

Important to remember:

if you ignore their emotions, you can not hear them through your true desires, avoid to meet with the truth, because it is terrible - that at some point you begin to talk about their illness your body.

Often people ask me:

and how about the fact that to speak about his true feelings is simply uncomfortable?

For example, at work, at the time of the negotiations, in communicating with strangers.

And it is true. Then you should have your inner travel bag: a set of eco-friendly exercises and techniques that will help to respond to these feelings.

You can go to a psychologist and "pour out his heart" there. Competent expert certainly offer some technique in order to pull out of the unconscious and to live these feelings.

The simplest thing you can do - is to write a letter to a person or an event, and say what you want. Of course, to send a letter is not necessary. It is best to break, not rereading.

But there is another pitfall to work with unreacted feelings.

The fact that the body begins to ache often, not because yesterday there was a kind of situation. This situation could become a "last straw." The body starts to hurt when inside a reservoir of repressed and suppressed emotions in the past. As long as the mind can hide them from you - you do not even notice. But when the inner tank overflow, and you did not change the situation, can not hear their feelings and help them live myself - that is where the body and gives up.

At best, it's just a yeast infection or sinusitis. It's worse when it's cancer. And I do not fantasize.

I had a client who absolutely do not want to recognize his anger and irritation at her husband, the injustice of the situation in which they lived. And they put it was this terrible diagnosis. Her husband at that moment and threw left. Or changed. And then the body through illness to solve their problems. True, even under threat of death. And it deal with this threat can not please everyone. Unfortunately…

What to do?

It is important to meet with your feelings, to teach them to hear and understand their message, you need to meet with their children's injuries. After all, there is often a person refuses to feel!

The free training-marathon "Freedom from pain and suffering," which kicks off September 25, 2019, we will investigate its participants and to find out how and when they froze their feelings, their lives. And we will seek answers to the question of why life hurts and how it can be changed.