Freud it all comes down to sex: A look at the stereotype

Freud it all comes down to sex: A look at the stereotype

Giperseksualizatsiya girls cult porn boys, moral permissiveness, which demonstrate their parents ... Is not Freud's to blame? Did not he first declared that the driving force behind the "I" is the unconscious with all its hidden obscene desires and fantasies? And if first he claimed that all children without exception "polymorphic perverse"? "Yes, he worried!" - shout some.

Whatever the debate revolved around either of psychoanalysis from the very moment of his arrival, the main argument of the opponents of the couch all these years remains unchanged: if the topic of sex is the "alpha and omega" of psychoanalytic thought, how can you not see a certain "concerns" in this?

"Stubbornly continued to criticize Freud for" panseksualizm "can only be one who is completely unfamiliar with the subject, - says the analyst Catherine Chabert - or familiar with it only half. Otherwise, how could such a claim? Of course, Freud emphasized the importance of the sexual component of human nature, and even claimed that it is the basis of all neuroses. On since 1916, he never tired of repeating: "Psychoanalysis never forgot that there is a non-sexual desire, it is based on a clear separation of the sexual instincts and impulses," I ".

So what's in his statements proved so complex that for a hundred years, not subsiding controversy over how they should be understood? "The reason for Freud's concept of sexuality that is not all interpret correctly - explains Catherine Chabert. - By putting sexuality at the center of the unconscious and the whole psyche, Freud speaks not only of genital sexuality and the implementation. In his understanding psychosexuality our impulses is not reduced to the libido, which seeks to find satisfaction in a successful sexual intercourse. This energy is the driving force of life itself, and it is embodied in various forms, is directed and for other purposes, such as, for example, to achieve pleasure and success in creative work or recognition. " Because of this, in the soul of each of us has psychic conflicts that are facing instant sexual impulses and needs of the "I", desires and inhibitions. "Freud in any case does not call:" Want to live better - to be engaged in sex "- emphasizes Catherine Chabert!. - Peter, sexuality is not so easy to release, not so easy to completely satisfy: it is formed from the first days of life and may cause and suffering, and pleasure, and what gives us the master of psychoanalysis. " His method helps everyone to engage in dialogue with their unconscious to resolve underlying conflicts, and thus acquire inner freedom.

Catherine Chabert (Catherine Chabert) - member of the French Psychoanalytical Association