Time for a change! 30 things you need to stop with him to do in the New Year

Time for a change! 30 things you need to stop with him to do in the New Year

As Mary Robinson said, "No one can go back in time to change it, but anyone can start all over again to create a new ending". Nothing is more true. But above all, you need to stop doing something that can stop you.

And to get you started:

1. Stop spending time with the wrong people. Life is too short to spend it with the people to squeeze you down. If someone wants you to be present in his life, he will take care of your environment. You do not have to fight for a place. Do not cling to those who are permanently eliminates your value. And remember that your real friends - not those who support you when you are on a horse, and so, while those who remained there when your bad deeds.

2. stop running from their problems. Meet them face to face. No, it will not be easy. In the world there is no creature that can perfectly keep the strike. We are not required to instantly solve all problems. We just arranged differently. We are designed to upset, upset, experience pain may even fall. This is the meaning of life - to face challenges, learn, adapt and eventually solve them. This is what makes us human.

3. Stop lying to yourselves. You can do it with someone else, but not with him. Our lives can be improved only when we allow ourselves to risk, and the first, the most difficult is our opportunity - is to be honest with ourselves.

4. Stop push their own needs on the back burner. Terrible thing to lose yourself, investing too much in love to someone else and forgetting about their own exclusivity. No, do not leave the others, but also help to himself. If there is a good time to hear yourself and do something that's really important to you, this moment has come. 5. Do not try to be someone else. One of the most difficult tasks in life - is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else. Someone will always be prettier, someone will always be smarter, someone will always be younger, but they will never be you. Do not try to change yourself for others to enjoy. Be yourself, and those you really need, love you as you are.

6. Stop holding on to the past. You can not start a new chapter of his life as long as you re-read the previous one.

7. Stop afraid to make a mistake. To do something and be wrong - at least ten times more effective than doing nothing. Every success has traces of past failures, and each failure leads to success. Ultimately, you are much more you will be sorry for what you did not do, rather than what did.

8. Stop berating yourself for past mistakes. We can not love that man, and mourn their mistakes, but even if everything goes wrong, one thing is certain: the error to help us find the right person and the right things. We all make mistakes, fight, and even mourn the mistakes of the past. But you are not your fault, you are not your fight, you - here and now - have the opportunity to build up your day and your future. Whatever happens in your life, it prepares you for yet another step into the future.

9. Stop trying to buy happiness. Much of what we want, is expensive. But the truth is that the things that really make us happy - love, laugh and work on your feelings - completely free of charge.

10. Stop looking for someone to be happy. If you are unhappy with themselves, their personality, and the long-term relationship with someone does not make you happier. We need to create stability in his life, before sharing it with someone else. 11. Stop laze. Do not hesitate too long, otherwise you will create problems, even where they were not. Evaluate the situation - and to take decisive action. You can not change that which refuse to fight. Any progress is fraught with risk. Here, the order is important. You will not be able to read without knowing the letters.

12. Stop thinking that you are not ready to. Nobody ever feels ready to do whatever is 100%. Most of the major features compel us to go beyond our comfort zone, and then we'll really feel discomfort.

13. Stop to get involved in relationships for the wrong reasons. Relationships must be built with the mind. Better to be alone than in bad company. No need to rush with the choice. If something should happen, it will happen - at the right time with the right person, and on the best footing. Dive in love when you're ready, not when you feel lonely.

14. Stop abandon new relationships just because the old ones do not work. In all, whomever you come across, have their own goals. Someone will test you, someone - to use, and some will teach you. But most importantly, that some of them will reveal to you the best.

15. Stop to compete with all the. Do not worry what others somewhat more successful you. Concentrate on achieving their own daily records. Strive for success in the fight between you and yourself.

16. Stop envy. Envy - the art of counting the other people's goods instead of their own. Ask yourself: "What do I have of what everyone wants?" 17. Stop complaining and feeling sorry for myself. Dice of life rush to move you in some important areas. You can not see or understand all that is happening, and it can be painful. But look at those bad scenario that fell to you in the past. You will find that they often lead you to success, important person, state of mind or situation. Smile back! Let everyone know that today you are much stronger than we were yesterday.

18. Stop irritate insults. Do not live life with hate in your heart. In the end, you hurt yourself more than the people who hate. Forgiveness does not mean "I am satisfied with everything that you have done to me." It says: "I will not let what you did to me, to destroy my happiness forever." Forgiveness - a proposal to let go, to find peace and to free himself. And remember that you need to forgive not only others but also themselves. If necessary, forgive yourself and move on to try the next time to cope better.

19. Stop allowing others to relegate you to their level of. It is not necessary to lower the bar to meet those who refuse to raise it.

20. Stop spending time to explain. Your friends do not need them, and the enemies will not believe you anyway. Just do as really feel right.

21. Stop running in circles. It's time to take a deep breath comes a time when you do not have time for this. As long as you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you get. Sometimes you need to distance, to see everything in its true light. 22. Stop neglect the little things. Enjoy nonsense because one day you may look back and find that it was the great thing. The best part of your life consists of small nameless moments spent on it to give a smile to the person who is really important to you.

23. Stop trying to do everything perfectly. The real world does not reward perfectionists, and those who seek to achieve their goals.

24. Stop to follow the path of least resistance. Life is not so easy, especially if you plan to achieve something worthwhile. Do not choose the easy way. Do something extraordinary.

25. Stop pretending that everything is all right, if it is not. It's okay if you relax for a while. You do not always have to be strong, and there is no need to constantly prove that everything is going well. No need to worry about what others think - weep, if you need to: tears healthful. The sooner you do it, the faster will be able to smile.

26. Stop blaming others for their problems. Achieving your dreams depends on how you take responsibility for your life. When you blame others for what happens to you, you give up responsibility and give another power over this aspect of your life.

27. Stop trying to be all things to all. It is impossible, you simply burn themselves. But if you give joy to one person, it can change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but the world - exactly. Therefore focus. 28. Stop worrying too much. Anxiety does not relieve us from tomorrow's challenges, it is only to deliver us from the present happiness. One way to check if there is something deliberation - is to ask yourself the question: "Will this matter in a year? Three years? Five years? "If not, it is not worth to worry about.

29. Stop focusing on the things that you do not want to. Focus on what you really want. Positive thinking - one of the key moments of every great success. If you wake up every morning with the thought that in your life today, there will be something beautiful, sooner or later you will notice that they were right.

30. Stop be unrewarding. No matter how good or bad your case, waking up every day give thanks for their lives. Someone, somewhere, is now desperately fighting for her. Instead of thinking about their hardships, try to think about what you have and what others have lost.