Features male psychology: how to build a strong relationship with a man

Features male psychology: how to build a strong relationship with a man

The world of men is significantly different from women in the world. Men have their principles and rules, as in life in general, and in love. To build a strong relationship with a man, a woman is important to understand these rules and act wisely.

To err is human. However, men almost never admit their mistakes, especially if the situation of women. Man will find a thousand and more guilty and reasons, but it does not recognize his guilt: blame colleagues, neighbors, friends, the situation itself and the circumstances, but not him. He needs to be good in the eyes of women. For a man, the worst - do not meet the expectations of women. Deep down, he knows that he is guilty, but the show is only in extreme cases. In this case, the woman is not necessary to constantly "poke" him on the mistakes and to remember them, or at one point the man is bored and he will be a truly "bad guy." Women should look at the situation through the eyes of a man, perhaps then it will be easier to understand it and release fewer taunts at him. If the relationship of the road, it is much better to take his truth, then the man will continue to strive to live up to its image of a hero.

When meeting men do not think about building a serious relationship. His suit lightness and ease, or even an option "open relationship". Any girl actively infringing on his freedom and personal space will be perceived negatively. Men increasingly value their freedom, much more carefully considering future together with his chosen. To enter the men's room should be gradually, carefully, step by step. At the first statement of the rights to it, a man often "give back", despite its sincere sympathy. In this case, win the wise and prudent women applying female tricks and gimmicks. Man waiting for admiration. A man's world is based on the competition, each used to show off their achievements to one another. When a man hears the words of praise from his woman, he believes in the feature and is ready to turn off the mountains. It should therefore be more likely to praise a man and proud of it.

Men and women communicate process plays a different role. For women, communication is part of a pleasant stay, a process that brings pleasure. Men also use communication to exchange information. All told the men to be taken literally and directly, they rarely understand the allusions and subtexts. Simplicity and brevity - that men value in communication. At the same time, when the woman does not receive a response to his request, veiled, the man simply does not understand what he wanted from and what is the cause of resentment, which in turn causes only irritation. Therefore, it is much better right to communicate their desires.

For men uncharacteristic excessive emotionality. So it opened in a man's world, you need the most to hide their feelings, emotions and "wear a mask" calm and confidence. If there are problems, men do not like to discuss them with someone else, especially with his beloved, they habitually keep all thoughts inside. Do not try to breed a man on account of the problems. If necessary, it is necessary to share my thoughts, otherwise, women's obsession can cause irritation and strife. The best solution is simply to endure the time of "digestion" man problems in his head, alone with yourself, and after a time he will definitely be restored and will be ready to go on contact. Male company. Man is essential to maintain communication with friends and acquaintances, such as representatives of the male sex. They can incorporate a variety of factors, from general interest to the common enemies. It is important to understand that there are moments in life, and some of the topics that a man can decide and discuss with a man only. It is important to let him have his space, interests and their social circle. Better yet, if a woman is to build friendly relations with his friends, and then she will not be as exciting and scary, when he will be in the company without it.

Ailing man - the center of the universe. From early childhood taught man that if he is sick, the whole universe revolves around him, all have a special concern and trepidation to treat it. So do not make fun of his "near-death", and even a bit better than to play along with the sick man, and to exercise maximum care. It will only plus woman, because men appreciate the care and attention.

It is important to understand that men and women are arranged quite differently not only from the point of view of physiology, but also from a psychological point of view. In the study of the psychology of the opposite sex, you can get a better understanding and to build a harmonious relationship.