Mom and Dad affect the woman's fate?

Mom and Dad affect the woman's fate?

As we are from birth to 50% of mothers, 50% of the Pope, it is logical that they, uniquely, affect our lives. And it does not matter - they are alive or no longer exists.

We all come from childhood. We all know that an ordinary phrase. Some of us sees this connection and see how strong it is, how powerful it is affecting our adulthood. Some people prefer to erase memories of childhood and assume that everything in the past and has no effect on the present reality.

In fact, we accept this fact or not, our relationship with parents are projected on our lives, our relationships. And even if you think you have nothing in common.

If we talk about our relationship with my mother, the most important thing is that my mother laid - attitude towards him as a woman. Adoption of the body, their sexuality, ability to care for themselves, create comfort, to run the economy. But most of the mothers are very focused on other things: to educate, to be a good / correct / educated, rely only on themselves.

Someone's mom were cold. What kind of sensuality is all about? Someone - too caring and protects. Someone - controlling and demanding. Rarely - loving yourself, accepting your body and able to show all the beauty that you are a woman. Perhaps you have seen in my life, my mother survives, struggling for justice, climbs out of the skin, so that it was "no worse than all." Maybe you have seen weakness since childhood and his mother were forced to become a mother for her. She could not do anything, and you had to support her, take care to make decisions ... How the fate of so many relationship scenarios.

One thing is clear: hardly anyone of us, modern women, received from his mother desired dose of unconditional love, the necessary freedom of choice, respect, trust. Few learn to love yourself, accept your body with respect and trust applies to men.


Many of us have been taught to survive, be strong and courageous. We are taught to study hard, be responsible, to strive for perfection, but do not know how to relax and enjoy life.

Around us a lot of anxiety and frustration, fatigue, goals that we must achieve the results that we need to show commitment to be executed.

the daughter of a problem with my mother - it is always an indicator that the mother as a woman did not take place. Women's fate mom is not happy. A mother is a woman next to whom? Right. With Father. Here also there is the figure of the Pope.

Dad for a family - is the protection and security. In our time, no wild beasts, which should be killed, but there is a society in which to feel safe for a woman (mother) and child (you) - it is a necessity. If dad in the family creates the feeling that behind him, like a stone wall, the mother with such a husband may just be a woman who directed attention to the family, in the care of her husband and children.

And if not? If mom dad did not trust? If it is also used to "count only on themselves"? And if we flew from his father threat? Then in your subconscious mind - a man's world and man = danger. What kind of women's happiness is all about? How can I trust the man's world, if experience suggests that good do not wait. After all, a man's world, more physically strong can insult and humiliate, devalue and unpredictable, abuse alcohol and do not even work. Then the men there is contempt and disrespect!

Into the void or circulation problems the child gets between the father and mother. The world is dangerous, it is necessary to survive at any cost, even helping and supporting her mother. Sometimes, save Dad from tyrannical mother ...

But still, what you you absorb from childhood with such parents - is an understanding that there is no happiness. You can count only on themselves. Can not be trusted.

But really I want to be loved. I'd like to be next to a man who will embrace, otogreet, protect, remove from your shoulders all the worries. In fact, as in a fairy tale. Primchitsya - and save! And when this "prince" will appear in our lives, then we throw in the pool with his head, and we think that's it, happiness! Then we face the consequences of their naivete, blind faith, again licking wounds.

And the answer to the question "Why?" Is very simple. We so want to love, just every cell ready to respond to the one who gives it. And in life there is a man who is very gentle, caring, my mother ... We open his sick soul meet to be fed ... And then discover that in addition to the gentle words of warmth and tactile contact, nothing else in this man. He has no male rod reliability, as well as the Pope is not ... That added pazliki. Mom and Dad are beginning to send us greetings through our meetings and partings with men, through our pain and frustration, through disappointment - the distrust and fear, and then loneliness ...

But in reality, no matter how tragic it all sounds - everything can change. No, father and mother you do not change. They can only understand and accept. You can annoy (or even hate). But it does not change your life. Just to make you a victim of circumstances your family. I do not think that living martyr and sufferer - this is your option!

How then?

Helping himself within himself to create the figure of ideal parents. Those who know how to love just because you are. That take you to appreciate, protect, bless, and believe!

Mom and Dad affect the woman's fate?

Then the relationship with their parents in real life changing! Then the women's fate changing!