About Anxiety Disorder

About Anxiety Disorder

Every morning, only opening his eyes and seeing that a new day, she feels fear. Again another day ... again go to work, so as soon realizes that a new day, I want to extend the night, lying in bed, covered with a blanket and head to the new day began. No, she wants to work, she likes to engage flowers, bouquets and gifts to collect, invent new labels for a cozy blanket and colored mugs. Several times it has impacted patient. And every time cursing yourself for it, and promised to reform, that tomorrow everything will be different and I will get up on an alarm clock, will wear a favorite sweater and ... And in the morning again another day, but today she gets up and puts on his favorite sweater. Her sick, throwing into the pot, dizzy - it is clearly not very well. And if so, how do I go to work? If frightened, it is not a reason not to go to work, but if you're sick, then there certainly have to stay home. What if I throw up directly to the buyer? In the eyes of colleagues, visitors, everyone will laugh. And it no longer and never speak, everyone will talk about this case, and it will never, never be able to leave the house. Never. And if she was going to faint? Here directness stop or on the bus? And no it does not work, everyone will think that she was drunk. And then everyone will watch and shake his head reproachfully, "ay-ay-ay, so young, and in the morning already plucked." Or all will be all the same, and it will fall, so casually sunset in the groove and it was there that it accurately find immediately. No, today definitely have to stay at home, but tomorrow for sure will go to work, she promises herself. And once it becomes easier. It is not very much and good, but better than to leave the house.

Better at home as long as the head of the calling and does not require "in the end, what kind of disease you have such, bring help, otherwise I will be forced to fire you, once again you have to ask for leave in the morning." She is well aware that if it continues it really can be fired, and so it creates a further problem. He understands that this is something silly that you have to go to work, that there is nothing wrong can happen to her, that we should just go to the store and everything will be fine. In the evening she gets her favorite sweater, collects a bag and goes to bed, "tomorrow I'll go for sure ... nothing to fear, absolutely nothing." And again morning, and everything is repeated again, the cycle of thoughts, and nausea, and again she stays at home.

No, everything was working well in a team no one bothered her, and even the head of attitude is very loyal to her ailments.

And why is it always a little bit, but it is terrible? Or anxious. Now that she liked her job, the girl with whom it was possible to lunch to discuss where to buy a new table lamp or a new apple pie recipe. And work was not only at the box office, but also quiet and intimate work with flowers, ribbons, boxes and beads. Not that in the school, so there has always been unpredictable and noisy, and it had to be fun. But she was sadly and uncomfortable, anxious somehow. Especially if the lessons were not in the classroom, and on the road, where there was a lot of new and unusual.

And it's hard to say when and how it all started, when it became unbearable to wake up in the morning with the thought that we should go to work, but do not want to dizziness and nausea. Sometimes, of course, I am in school, head ache, then the stomach. But "everything was in order," "weakness - it is a load." And yes, even in high school, it was all good, but there were some others were irrational fear, the thought that she stupid friend, some poignant emptiness inside, but somewhere there was the certainty that it's not quite true. And loneliness, because the other is easy and fun, and it does not. She is also supposed to be fun, but somehow it all wrong.

Sometimes thought that her work is no use to anybody, all just silently and sympathetically will look at her, if she forgets to pack in a gift box marshmelou or put too much sweets. And maybe there will be a laugh. And so she had to be very careful at work, even though it is an ordinary day, she gathered as many times these kits that can do it with your eyes closed. It checks the box closes, tying the ribbon, she did the right thing, as best as possible. She feels tired. Even thoughts can be exhausting. It happens that rolls nausea and chills, the legs are cotton, dizzy. "To me that is not right." And these days, it became more and more. At first, she could cope with the ailment, but sometimes it was absolutely impossible a couple of times and ran away from work on the next street, which was very difficult in this state, and from there to call an ambulance. But the doctors say that it's all right. Only at the weekend lull, and then these days filled with anxiety.

There was a time when she met him, then anxiety receded, she could put her head on his shoulder and just talk, she felt at ease and confident. He stroked her hair and said he understands everything. But he wanted to go somewhere, and it turns out, because they are so good together, at home. He began to move away, she began to think that is not good enough for him, that does not need him, and anxiety returned. And all the friends that she is increasingly refused to make the company ceased to visit her in due course. Her name, in the movie, in a cafe, then a walk, but she can not get out. He wants and can not. "Everything will be fine. At this time I'm going. " But she stayed home again and did not understand what was going on. The point is something so that she can not control and do not know the name. I have to go to work, she says to herself before going to bed. "I do not want to lose my job, I do not want to live on benefits and move in with his parents like some loser, I want to go with friends to the movies. Everything will be fine". And gets your favorite cozy sweater ... In the morning there comes a new day again, but she promised herself that accurately go today. Sweater, bag, look in the mirror at the front door. I'm not well, again, this nausea and dizziness, his legs are cotton and this weakness. It is foolish to go to work in this state. Soon the holidays, and now I'll try to take the hospital, and at home you can collect the gifts and come up with inscription on colored circles. Everything will change, but somewhere deep down she knows that no sick leave, no vacation will not change anything. What's the matter, she does not know. Anyway, it is kind of all right? And she had no reason to ask for help.

But some of these days she realized that help is needed, it was even before it was necessary to return to work from vacation. Because she could not go to the grocery store, I ordered a takeaway, but it was at that moment I realized that she no longer controls everything that goes with it.

What is it that happens? Is everything OK?

Thus, it seems evident or anxiety disorder. It can torture people for years, delivering the excitement of suffering and making life so painful. Many people are afraid to leave the house, go to work, in public places, to go to a remote distance from the house, meet up with friends. And if it lasts long enough, it inevitably brings change and seriously complicates life. Talking can help?

When hard, conversations can really help. Therefore, there are psychologists and psychotherapists, doctors. Therapeutic conversation differ in their objectives and types, all depends on what the person has come to the doctor with any complaints, questions, requests, what his pain and purpose.

At this time in the office of a therapist She said little about his life, the past, she had to know what her anxiety. What thoughts awaken the anxiety and how to change them, how to learn to leave the house, if not afraid of yourself and learn to trust yourself again. Here are just a "homework" did not want to perform, but if necessary, it is necessary, she also wanted to recover quickly and do what she wants.

This approach is called cognitive-behavioral therapy, and greatly helps with anxiety and depression. Because few understand why you're so bad, but you need to know what to do, that was good, that is, to learn to think and act differently.

No identical people, and therefore we all react differently to difficult situations in life. But Whatever the difficulties, it is possible to fight and make improvements to them. whether a person will be able to, which is experiencing similar trouble fully recover and how much recovery will take time? Will be able. There are means of dealing with this condition. The rest depends on the willingness to accept assistance from the seriousness of the problem and therefore, how much time passed before the assistance was provided. Sometimes you need more time, sometimes surprising how fast is the recovery. I suppose it depends on how willingly accept help and the more actively address itself comes into operation. And the faster the recovery. It happens that the remains cautious and hesitant, but then have the opportunity to do what you want, and live the life you want to live.