As my therapy will last a long time?

- How does my treatment will last long?

- How long will it make me feel better?

- How long does it need to go to were noticeable changes?

These questions are often asked by the first sessions with a psychologist. In fact, how much?

Reply to this question is difficult, especially at the beginning of psychotherapeutic work.

First of all it depends on the request and on what the client wants. Will it be counseling or psychotherapy.

It is also important to regularly visit a psychologist and stability.

Instability and gaps reduce the effectiveness of the sessions. so often expressed by the so-called subconscious resistance client therapy. It is necessary to monitor and be aware of. Usually the customer are very important things to do, there are diseases and other "justifiable" reasons - and the customer cancels or moves (moves) session. If this happens regularly, a psychologist says it is discussing with the client. Usually behind it is another issue, and it is introduced in the therapy process.

Also, you do not need to wait for miracles, that if you go to a psychologist, the problems should be resolved automatically. Or sometimes think that the psychologist should address all customer issues. But the psychologist - a helper and a guide, and the very inner workings of the client's psychologist can not do. Important motivation and the work of the client.

Coming to therapy to a psychologist, you have already made an important and crucial step in itself. Even if you're just thinking about what you need a psychologist - Your therapy has already begun!

Psychotherapy - it is an invaluable contribution to themselves, in their personal and qualitative development. This "luxury" in a sense, the path to a different quality of life. This is the basic meaning of psychological help.

What is the difference between counseling from psychotherapy?

Counseling - a one or a few sessions with a psychologist, diagnostic and consulting.

Normally counseling sessions is limited to 10-20. This multiple sessions and multiple diagnostic consultations for analysis and correction of cases, obtaining advice from a psychologist. This is something that will adjust your life if necessary and desired. Counseling often - is a kind of "first aid" on sensitive issues or consultation work well as a supporting psychological help. But sometimes it just is not enough consultation ... Or there is the client's request to go to another level of psychological consciousness, to work out the underlying conflicts, childhood trauma, to find a new mental structure, freed from old patterns.

Psychotherapy - it is a long process of deep. It may take years. But the process of changing the very structure of the psyche, fills the consciousness of other meanings and attitudes. Personality changes, becomes the other, close to his truly at heart. Psychotherapy - let this self-knowledge. In this way, of course, there are new discoveries (insights), there are ups and downs. But it is an amazing, interesting way into the depths of the unconscious, finding himself present, the path to himself.

In general, a lot depends on the request and the client himself, his motivation and the need to use a particular method.