How to survive the separation from a loved one

to figure out how to survive the separation from a loved one,

Let's look at the "separation" as a process, a reverse "meeting".

If the meeting is carried forward to some pleasant consistency - that separation leads to the collapse of hopes and exit from the joint venture or merger with another. You can not just jump into a new life, a new relationship, not having gone through the completion of the old. If you do, you just tear off the relationship and "the ragged end of the" dragged into a new life and a new alliance. Since the middle of life can save a lot of unfinished relationships that will affect your life, pick up strength and energy.

Completion of the relationship - this is a painful process that most people try to avoid. But it is absolutely necessary if you want to move forward without the heavy baggage of the past.

So, you have done all that was in your power, you are trying to save the relationship, but alas: it is not possible for some reason. Your loved one is gone or you decide that you need to leave. How to survive this?

The parting - a loss of Any separation is akin to death: a man goes out of your life. Regardless of your desire in the body of the mourning program starts. This is a very natural process, the way nature intended. Most importantly, it does not get in the way and allow time for it. It can not be suppressed, pretending nothing had happened, and try to distract him. Otherwise loss and following separation take place heavier and heavier accumulating inside.

Surviving offense

Often a person in a situation of separation feels a burning resentment against a loved one. The word "separation" carries a separation gap - and in my heart it is experienced as a catastrophe. Do you have plans for the future, and some desires and aspirations in relation to another person. You hoped for him, and he betrayed you. From my professional practice, I know I let a person can help reflection on the topic:

  • Why did you agree to the relationship with that person?
  • What are your expectations pinned on him?
  • And then think: is it always your expectations about him matched what he was really doing for you?

These questions will help you disconnect from it, to see through the eyes of an observer, to survive the insult.


Meeting with the loneliness of so many scares when there is a break in relations. At some time you stay all alone. Very scared to turn around and look around. Why stand ye gazing after the departing person from you, and you can not take from him his sight. And if it is not seen you in suspense waiting for that he will return.

Think about whom you could rely on at this point, who could hug you tightly and keep making it clear that he - together. Just imagine it or write about it a little story. Think of what words, this person might at the same time you speak.

After going through these difficult experiences, you'll get to experience a burst of energy, desire for new relationships and the taste of life. You can lightly move on.