About love. How not to make mistakes in the relations

Believe it or not, science has proven that the people, almost 90% of their lives living on autopilot - is the usual patterns of behavior.

In this article I want to talk about the love of her instinctively, on the foundations of the behavior of its foundation.

What do you think, what are the biological roles and functions in the family of man and woman?

  • Normally, a man performs the external functions - interaction with the environment, protect the family and "produces a mammoth."
  • A woman is more pronounced in the inner circle of family (rear) - this is the education of children, established way of life, relationships with family.

And here start important differences: man by nature is important to see the main, general, and women - to notice the little things and focus on them. How often it becomes a cause for conflict ...

It is clear that in the modern world for a long time, some women earn Pobol any other men and dragged into the family huge "mammoth," but the instincts still remain unchanged in the cerebral cortex. I'll explain why it's important to consider.

From the words of the famous ethologist Anatoly Ilyich Protopopova females (a female) are of great value in the life of the population. And the woman seeks to select the best genes for procreation. He also introduced a concept such as high-ranking male - male with the best genes, male quality, their population somewhere 10%. Thus, the woman responsible for the kind of quality, and the man behind the number.

The first instinct of women - is "the importance of taking care of her and her offspring."

What is it manifested? It manifests itself in the fact that a woman should be careful, take care of yourself and the children, as well as to require care of yourself from the others. During the period of gestation of the child and the woman immediately after birth is very vulnerable, and for quite a long time, is not capable of independent existence. Therefore it is so important man. Although in fairness it should be noted that due to the current society and its social support to young mothers the importance of women in this modern world is weakening.

But in the past, as we understand it, it was vital to keep from starving. Therefore, the nature and instincts implanted in a woman the importance of material support of her man. So walking in the society, the expression "All women want only money" is not so far from the truth, although women take offense at it.

But what offended that? If this is an indicator of the normal, healthy functioning of natural instincts. Bad when a failure occurs and the woman in this system takes the patient to continue the kind of man or just simply throws his child.

In any case, the question arises:

"How to make sure that the man was biologically linked to the woman and child?".

Of course, intimacy and sex.

Because the basic instinct of man - this reproduction.

And the women say about men? "Man is only one you need."

Well, that's how nature takes care of the continuation of life. If it was not this instinct in men, it is not known what would happen to mankind.

But what do you do if a woman to the 30-35 years and have not met her "prince on a white gelding"?

Society begins to put pressure on the woman, referring to her nekonditsiyu and uselessness. And a woman is forced to marry at least for someone.

And what happens then? And then it begins to cultivate his high-ranking man. And the main mistake women is that they do it the wrong way. This usually occurs through reproaches: "You're not a man!" "Look at Lucy's husband, and you ...". The purpose of the woman - shake man and motivate high-paying feats, but I think you understand that the effect is most often the reverse.

So how should it be?

And it is necessary to the man in this case is to cultivate the wings. As the famous English proverb, "is a great woman behind every great man."

Next ancient feminine instinct - it's inaccessibility. "A man must conquer a woman."

How many beautiful and intelligent women that instinct life is spoiled. She is strong and it would be nice man came up good for a family, with a strong emotive radical, and they like and are attracted to her, but she was their "throws" over and over again, wishing that he sought, won - and he just walks away . "Weakling," she thought, and a few months before his climax.

And when it gets high-ranking male environment, which requires: "Obey", it for a long time to play the game can not, after a couple of visits shows her rebellious character, and this is not suitable alpha male, and it blows the wind.

The manifestation of this same instinct - hints and female ", he himself had to guess." How many insults it generates in women. But for a man to survive in a male environment - important specifics. If "Yes", "Yes". This was important as the hunting in ancient times, and in a modern special forces in any business contract. Therefore usvoyte important rule, it is at times reduce conflicts in your relationship: If you want something from a man, then talk about it. Man by nature is programmed to clear command. So if he goes to the store with a list, which is not spelled out the chocolate, then do not be offended then that he had not bought. No need to play telepathy, just honestly and sincerely say, but already there even if he decides in his whether this competence.

People like honesty. Talk to each other, voice their needs. And yes, if you want to make him a gift, it is better to ask in advance what he wanted. In this case, everyone wins: he is happy, and you are satisfied that the land.

The third instinct - this dominance after pairing.

A woman wants to "force" to ensure the stability of the family. In the course is blackmail, tantrums, manipulation of guilt. High-ranking male immediately leave the couple. Low-ranking begins to obey. Srednerangovy looking for a lover, there to receive affection and admiration. Basically, it is a provocation unconscious woman on the high-ranking men, "Prove that you are strong."

What is important to understand?

As soon as man ceases to resist - a woman completely out of love.

I hope this article will help both women and men to understand each other better.