Thoughts about relationships

The man - a social being, for any healthy person it is important to be in a relationship with other people.

Many dream to find love and to gain family happiness. But few people know where it all is found.

In my work with clients I often have to deal with questions about the relationship. Thinking about it, I thought that the process of "building" long-term relationship is somewhat similar to the way the building is constructed. It is not easy, but it is possible, if you know how.

After all, if we want to build a house, in the beginning it is important to see the project: I'm building - "hut" or "palace". Then invite experts who know how to pour a foundation, which required materials such as to build a wall and do the roof. But when we enter into a relationship, we somehow believe that "themselves with a mustache". And then we complain that everything fell apart.

The specialists who apply, unfortunately, not many people realize. But consultation with a psychologist who works in the field of twin and family relations would be a godsend, and when you are just "paint project" of their relationship, and at any stage "of its construction."

Be paired, to build an ongoing relationship - it is a huge sense for the personal development of each partner. It is in the space of a healthy relationship have the opportunity to meet the love. True, not the notorious dependence, when "I can not live without you," and this - such as "I can be myself around you." Believe me, this is possible if you are an adult, independent person who is aware of your self-worth, your needs, desires and boundaries, which is ready to respect and accept the other person with his characteristics. What do you think about dating relationships?

How long can a relationship?

I liked the expression that "a permanent relationship - it is a large school of feelings." You agree that each of us has the potential to finish this school with honors. To do this, it is important to:

  • to learn how to listen, understand and accept yourself in all its diversity,
  • to be honest with yourself;
  • have the courage to be who I am;
  • to be able to satisfy their psychological needs and their own, and with the help of other people;
  • to understand and express their feelings;
  • to choose the appropriate forms to protect their borders;
  • take responsibility for their lives;
  • to learn how to listen and hear each;
  • to be able to negotiate and to be open to cooperation;
  • show respect and interest for the partner.

Perhaps the most important criterion for a permanent relationship is the ability to be in dialogue. It is like the foundation on which everything else stands. It is important that we can talk with your partner about everything that we feel what scares - and that pleases; what we want - and what we do not like. Relationship lasts only through dialogue, and it is possible, when there is a meeting.

The meeting of two unique and unique, special and different people can be when there is the "I" is the "You", and have the desire to be together.

If we met - that's fine.

If not - it can not be helped.

And it's sad. Come to a psychologist, and you successfully master all the skills "school of feelings" and will find everything you need for a meeting.