Escape from Pizza Freddie. Overcoming the fear of the computer game as an initiation. Part 1.

The article was published with the consent of the client.

- What do you do when you knock in the game or strips into pieces?

- overloads and I go for a new one.

- That's it. You get used to it quickly. I believe that death is reversible ...

- She already is reversible.

- ... and you can always start over. Instead furious passion remains. Instead of hatred -chestolyubie. Instead of fear - an insult. You can be an ace at best, a flight simulator, but grohnesh his ship on the first landing. You can be better mrshantsev sniper, but not shot down by the enemy even from intellektualnika. Neither pro does not play games.

/ Sergey Lukyanenko, "Emperors of illusions"

The pretty woman walked in with an 8-year old boy. Ordinary at first glance query: observations in the classroom, relationships with classmates, quarrels in the yard, addicted to games. On closer acquaintance turned Stas open kind, well-mannered child, alien cruelty, but not without at the same time a certain proportion of ambition.

One of many boys who grow up in a female environment, meeting with the pope rarely without receiving from him the full attention and example. There is - a typical manifestation of the negative materiskogo complex.

measures known algorithm:

  • activation of positive male images,
  • substituents on the search for the father's role in society,
  • updating the internal resources of the psyche,
  • exercise self-control skills.

In general, support for the Hero (consciousness of the Logos, the rational knowledge of the world) in his campaign against the Dragon (the unconscious).

In fact, our Stas therapeutic road was much more tortuous. If you do not say "zavirusovannoy" because several times we found ourselves in the same place from which to start your journey.

Dear parents, for many of you is the great discovery that control of Infokontent son or daughter is completely yours. Up to 18 years, you have every right (no, more accurately, you must!) To control the contents of the tablets and phones (with the exception of personal correspondence of the child). Games, blogs, videos, cartoons, TV shows - there should be no object not identify you personally. Now there is no institution of censorship, so any content can have irreversible consequences for the psyche of the child. And thus for all family members.

... So, we plunged into the world of terrible accidents and animatronics. I myself was forced to spend 5 nights with Freddy. Read all sorts of articles, references, easter eggs, and version. The important thing was that even the physiology of an adult, not burdened love for horror movies and computer games in general, still was under the influence of a dark dingy decor, screams in the night, sweet electronic music, and attacks from the corner. Vatnost a feeling in the legs, irritability, a feeling of emptiness, a bad feeling, difficulty falling asleep - symptoms are not long in coming, despite my sincere contempt for the fear of what is happening in the pizzeria Freddie Fazbera, whether it is not right. Comments are superfluous to draw conclusions on their own.

Psychologists all directions is known that the injury must be brought out, lived, reacted. That is a small client should be sure to talk to. At the second session, it became clear that the issue is not just animatronics not issyakaema. She got into the fertile soil of a child's consciousness mystical acquired properties is truly a bottomless black hole. The fate of the unfortunate baby animals overgrown with new and new incredible nuances, involving both of us crazy in the funnel.

The spiritual revelation for me and for the boy's mother was the fact that Stas actually possessed not a game, and the idea of ​​saving a baby shower (!), the prisoners tortured in the plush body animatronics. The child was filled with sympathy for the plight of children keen, he clearly felt in their place, and could not rest until they are rescued and heard. But the noble intention of the soul is not saved the personality of the child from the strain. Stas showed signs of thinking viscosity captured psychotic unconscious: difficulty switching attention narrowing of horizons, the child will almost completely subordinated to Freddie and the plot twists and turns of the game.

The fact that the program "5 nights with Freddie" does not give the player a chance "to live, to understand and to win." Yes, winning at the same level, you will be drawn in the next half-crazy decorations. There are new rules options, the characters are modified themselves to solve their ins and outs not possible. Those who still comes to the final, is unlikely to be allowed to experience the moral relief, especially as some kind of catharsis from rescuing a baby shower. The suffering of children - it is only the bait in the trap.

"In my opinion, - says Stas busily trying to justify their unstoppable desire to participate in the fate of animatronics - these games children need to live a fear, to stop being afraid."

Yes, children need to learn to live their fears.

But do not spend hours on end at the cost of loss of sleep and communication with the outside world.

From age to age for this purpose were a fairy tale. Ordinary tales, unlike the games reflect the ancient myths about the battle between good and evil, help the child's soul to pass the tests with dignity, without losing the commitment to good. The scary story time for despair is limited, not a fairy tale hero falls into a fear of the head and is a whole person. Thus, the limitation for despair is the very nature of the character and his actions, not convoluted plot generated by someone's violent fantasy. Identification with the hero so salutary tales for young listeners.

Most games do not have a mission statement of victory of good over evil. Typically, the mission is limited organically games ... profit. Profit - is a universal criterion of success. Here we are caught in a vicious circle of "money-success-money." For other meanings of place on this carousel remains. The child himself can give the game a sense of personality - to rescue and relieve the suffering of children - but he becomes hopelessly doomed to rush through the dark corridors, as well as enticing him a "victim." See how the first look sandpit Stas.

Setting her: "Make the sand in any story you want, and come up with the name."

Escape from Pizza Freddie. Overcoming the fear of the computer game as an initiation. Part 1.

Sand painting №1 "Island of my strength."

Name eloquently reflects the unvoiced small client request to therapy:

  • to get rid of the state of helplessness and weakness,
  • the return of confidence in their own abilities.
Escape from Pizza Freddie. Overcoming the fear of the computer game as an initiation. Part 1.

fragment of the painting №1.

Customer review after the addition of the protagonist: "This is a security guard (the ego of the child) is playing a game, he is surrounded by animatronics, but it is plays under the protection he needs time to close all the doors on time."

What sensations do you feel looking at the picture? Do you want to be in the sand at the world?

Analysis: captured mother complex (which is reflected in boys and girls in the excessive lack of independence, moodiness, lack of healthy social goals, the inability to reach these goals, have their own opinion, in relation to the mother, or vice versa, unexplained aggression to it) is superimposed on the fear, trauma from a computer game.

Yes, the island is defended, but the hopelessness of the characters position in the air. In the waters of the unconscious floating monsters and most importantly (!) - the images of the terrible, unpredictable and invincible animatronics. From a psychoanalytic point of view, we see that the maternal psyche (it symbolizes the very ground hill kitchen images) is a reliable support, salvation. But as long as this is the only protection. And the age of the task inevitably require separate from the mother, to live with his mind and his will.

Hope for a positive outcome is in the plane of the composition. And he did play a role. Sandpit contains both energies of the two phases of birth: stay in the womb and the first reach, grip, pushing the need to leave the narrow island. This final composition (Session № 15).

Setting it to "Show in the sand your achievements as you were able to grow in those two months, give the name of the picture."

Escape from Pizza Freddie. Overcoming the fear of the computer game as an initiation. Part 1.

"Emerald Isle"


The painting "Emerald Isle" reminiscent of fairy tales Bazhov Paul and Alexander Volkov. It was created without haste, with great pleasure. Commenting on what is happening, Stas slyly promised that there will necessarily "the". But when the work was finished, the boy was surprised to find that simply forgot about animatronics. We laughed together! Right there, in the sand, there was access to the classic battle stage (in psychoanalysis: the separation of consciousness out of unconscious power). So way for the next victories and intellectual efforts have cleared.

Escape from Pizza Freddie. Overcoming the fear of the computer game as an initiation. Part 1.

The Battle of the King with an army of predators.

To be continued.