Internal conflicts

Truly, the Lord works in mysterious ways ... Who among us wants to accept the fact that internal discomfort, or for example, pain, real physical pain, can be a teacher, that it comes to us for the benefit that it hides something very important for us ...

But what do we do when the pain comes to life? We have made every effort to suppress it, to remove the symptoms that it does not bother us. We are afraid to even look in the direction of pain, because we do not know its nature. We live in the 21st century, and often think that everything has been studied, well, the truth is ... that there are medicines and doctors who know what to do with your pain. And what exactly are you will be cured ...

But it so happens that for the pain there is something very important to tell you, and then the body resistant to treatment, it continues to produce symptoms and pain. And it forces us to look further, and it so happens that the search leads to a startling discovery about himself. This is a difficult path, but it is, and I want to talk a little bit about it.

In today's world most people live in a state of stress. What is this stress? This inner conflict between what I do - and what is happening inside of me that I feel.

It is interesting that very often we feel discomfort, but do not understand its nature, do not understand how it is taken, what is wrong ... It is because in our lives there are many hidden things (feelings, thoughts, attitudes, rules from childhood) that we do not take into account and do not see that they control us. Yes, we think we know what we're doing, what and why - and do not notice that our actions are often unconsciousness. What is the motive of our actions are deeply hidden from us. Here is an example.

Suppose a person has a belief that it should benefit the people and for this purpose a lot of work.

Beautiful belief, is not it?

That there may be wrong?

But every belief there is a downside. Let's say this person in my life there is a situation or a time when he could not work hard, I do not get, though kill ... And then this period can be used for something else: for learning new skills, for inner growth and development, for relaxation, "for the soul".

You may ask, well, what's the problem, let everything be as it is. And for a while the person lives in a new environment, but inside it is growing conflict, often unconscious, first just as a certain inner discomfort that people ignore because they do not know what to do with him.

But this discomfort increases, and at some point it turns into a bodily symptom in the disease, even after some time strengthened so that it is placed is impossible to ignore. And if we see this whole chain, we can understand, where did the symptom that it is not just so, and there is for something important that he carries a lot of value to humans.

It is interesting that the person can notice that the symptom is enhanced when there are strong negative emotions, but doctors say that it can not be, and we believe them :))) We believe in the magic pill, and also in the fact that all of a sudden one morning this nightmare will take place itself, a miracle happens - and the pain will disappear ... We hang out in the struggle with the symptom, and often can not do anything else, or think rationally. Trap. And, as usual, to break the deadlock, which have maneuvered themselves, we need someone else - someone who sees a little more or a little farther than I, who (perhaps) he took a similar path, and knows what to do to get out of this hole. We can hardly believe that it is possible to cure some disease no medicine or surgery, and otherwise - through the comprehension of its causes and internal changes ...

And here we return to the concept of the internal conflict, because the matter is in it, but it is very difficult. Here we need to introduce the concept of "mind."

We often think that the mind - mine, and so I can manage it. This is a major trap!

Any person to survive and not to "go crazy" you need to know about yourself that "I'm good," that I love and accept other people (in any case, important people). This framework is built into us for centuries for the survival of the individual, the person must be accepted by society, family, simply in order to survive.

And there is both good and bad news. The norms of what is good and what is bad laid into us from an early age. And we accept them, we absorb without analysis, without explanations and exceptions, just as some immutable truth. We do not even doubt their, they are simply embedded in our minds and then govern us.

Not by chance in psychology is the concept of "limiting beliefs" - that is, those that are true only in certain circumstances, and they should not always be guided. They are useful to review from time to time to understand what they are doing to you, help or hinder live. Let us return to the example of the belief that "a person should benefit the people and for this to work." Let's try to look a little deeper, that is built into this belief that is beyond the boundaries of our awareness, but drives us unconditionally. The downside here is this: "If you do not work, it means you're a bad (or bad), you will not like, you do not need it!".

Again, the conviction itself, and especially its flip side is usually not visible to us. They live in the subconscious and there govern us. This is where the conflict appears.

The man in our example - not a slacker, an adult responsible person, a woman who knows how to work, but, for example, got into a situation where it does not have work for some time. By the way, in psychology, and astrology is the concept of life periods. For example, there are times that are good for the external, material life, and the realization in the society, and there are periods of very "internal", periods of calm at work when a person goes deep inner work, he wants to or not.

If we go back to our example, this woman has lessons at home, there is an interesting study, it does not die of hunger because there is a husband who works. And it is a period in life that temporarily "imploded", closed its external sales. It would seem that there is no problem - live, stay home, study, rest, while there is time ...

But in this situation, there is one big "but" - the woman herself can not accept myself as no job, no income, no benefits. She feels guilty in front of others, she unconsciously began to consider himself an idle, useless, and this gave rise to a huge internal conflict that led to the disease. After all, how our core beliefs?

If I do not work - I do not like - I do not want anyone going to - I'm bad ...

These conclusions are not always obvious, our mind, to save us from destruction, hiding them from us. But inside there is a strict rule: "You can not be an idle! This is bad!". And there are no exceptions, no amendments to the circumstances ... Our inner censor is very, very hard on us. Our loved ones can not blame us, it is we ourselves inside reproach and blame.

This unresolved internal conflict creates psychosomatic effects, such as some parts of the body begin to shrink, impaired blood supply to organs, and off we go ...

Most interesting is that people really do not understand what is happening. This conflict is going on in his inner world, it just feels that it is very bad inside that somehow everything "wrong". But since all the "how to" on a conscious level is normal, people often do not know what to do.

Therefore, in such situations, good to ask for help, for example, to professional psychologists who work with the subconscious, or to wise mentors that know the secret mechanisms of our psyche.