The problem of excess weight and physiology

How to watch your weight?

How not to overeat, but eat delicious food?

How to be slim?

These three questions relate to every fourth person on Earth. Many people think of losing weight, but thinner one hundred.

Why is that? Let's think together. Again I tell you a little bit "of excess weight."

About Genetics

- Scientists have proved that if both parents are overweight, then the child has a 66% chance to become full.

- 50% chance to be in a family where one parent is full.

- At the same slender parents also have a chance to get a child with excess weight, but the probability is only 9%.

It's not in the Constitution or some mythical "fat" genes. Here we are talking about eating habits. Overeating, parents transmit this behavior to their children, whether they like it or not. If the parents are watching their diet, do not eat sweets and semi-finished products in unlimited quantities, then the child will behave the same way, imitating their elders.


The most popular disease in people who are overweight - is hypothyroidism and Cushing's disease.

  • Hypothyroidism lowers the metabolic rate due TSH hormone. In such a disease organism becomes dormant - the heart beats less, blood running slow, body temperature drops, constipation, mood close to the spleen, fatigue, muscle weakness, poor concentration and memory. With such sufficiently solve basal metabolism to produce energy, and burn calories.
  • Excessive secretion of adrenal hormones - Cushing's syndrome. There is disturbed metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Proteins break down fats released into the blood, increases the level of glucose. Very rapid obesity, possible diabetes.

These diseases are a must heal, the sooner the better.


It is very important, where and how we live. Our way of life - it is a mirror of our body. Modern automated way of life provoked the strongest surge of obesity worldwide. A Simple fast endorphins through fast food, computers, television does not allow to develop physically. People began to sit at home instead of walking monitors, left love to cook food for himself and his family, even in restaurants and cafes are fewer people, because they have to wait for the food to cook. A few hours in the day, people sit in social networks instead of live communication and movement of.

Eating habits

Food on the go - shaverma, hotdogs, hamburgers, fast food restaurants, self-service restaurants.

  • In a good quarter hypermarkets occupy shelves with baking.
  • eatery lured to his signs "are preparing at home," "delicious, like my mother," thus offer you almost any dish with butter and bust calories.
  • People stuffed themselves products of very poor quality with lots of fats and sugars.

The food was the same taste, and the taste of real food called "boring" or "tasteless."

The big problem is that the we stopped listening to his body.

When we are bored - rather than read a book or take a walk, go to the gym or to a party, we go to the refrigerator, throws a lump flavor and sit down on the monitor.

Change is not difficult.

In order to develop any habit is enough for 21 days.

It's time to start!