Release from responsibility "hyper"

It is unlikely that any psychologist will be surprised today suddenly discovered the presence in consultation with the client giperotvetstvennosti.

It occurs not only in humans, occupying high positions, owners of various companies and businessmen, but also for others.

Sometimes giperotvetstvennye themselves at the reception of psychologists.

Sometimes, even then, when the most serious psychosomatic problems, emotional exhaustion, depression or any other pervasive trouble.

Sometimes, when they are on the verge of ...

What happens before the critical point of transition? As a man shuts himself in a cage giperotvetstvennosti? Let's see.

What is peculiar giperotvetstvennomu man?

So giperotvetstvenny:

  • cares primarily about the case, help family and fulfilling their needs, and currently only later (if at all comes to this);
  • overrides a large number of planned and urgent tasks;
  • is often irritated about the irresponsibility of others;
  • worries that can leave without their control processes for the during which must meet the other people;
  • has difficulties in order to refuse to something else;
  • lacks the time - this is a permanent phenomenon for him;
  • holidays and weekends often leaves only a dream, but sometimes it just at least plenty enough sleep or take a stroll without a specific purpose seems somewhat unreal.

This list is not exhaustive, and not all items are applicable to a particular person. Some may not appear. But if you are inherent giperotvetstvennost probably yourself as a whole, surveying the list learned.


Then read on.

Largely wont be overly responsible is very helpful to achieve success in some areas, make people trust, desire to communicate and cooperate, but ...

This "hyper", glued to the "responsibility", in fact, has very negative consequences in the form of, for example, increasingly deteriorating health every year, growing dissatisfaction with life and appears in the rare moments of leisure boredom (often carefully drowns not always healthy ways) by carelessness. Some eventually begin gipertvetstvennogo shamelessly use.

Home phrase giperotvetstvennyh people usually goes something like this: "Who, if not me?" and assumes it under a not search for another artist, and once proud of myself, and later frustration from having to endlessly make an effort . This or similar phrases are thus key that firmly locks the cage giperotvetstvennosti the castle.

As you know, considering the consequences, no good long-term existence is not locked results. Out of the cage to freedom, unlocked it, - only this will lead to the elimination of the problems that we discussed above, or at least reduce their severity. What to do with giperotvetstvennostyu?

How confidence can help giperotvetstvenny if he wants to make life more free, light and happy?

Given the fact that giperotvetstvennost is usually rooted in childhood, and is implemented in a pattern on an unconscious level - independent attempts to make corrections to produce the desired effect, it is unfortunately not always the case. It is more productive to do with the specialist.

But you can try to make it on their own.

  • Think of beliefs that feed your giperotvetstvennost. It rests on them. Why not change destructive to others? You will need to convince yourself. Often hidden behind giperotvetstvennostyu taken once a child conviction "In order to be loved, I need all the help" or something like that. For a change?
  • Decide on your desires and needs. Clarify them for yourself. Allow yourself to dream as dream of children (if there are no restrictions in the form of liability).
  • Select from a list of wants and needs of those items that other people generally allow themselves to implement. Think soberly as possible: the other person in your position would have allowed himself to it?
  • If yes, mark the plan for implementation of their own desires and needs.
  • Let us begin with the small.
  • Write a list of everything that applies to your responsibility. Ruthlessly delete from it has no direct relation to you - something with which others are able to help themselves. Look at the list again. Should not from it to erase something else? Strive to remove the excess, not only from a list on a piece, but not to succumb to manipulation in real life, not taking someone else's responsibility themselves.
  • If you are a manager, think over, to transfer part of subordinates accountable. If you are a housewife - assistant or household.

Believe, and others are capable of much. Passing the responsibility, you show them the confidence, gives a chance for growth, development and self-realization, hand opportunity to learn new skills. Yes, and for you to get rid of giperotvetstvennosti - a growth area.

Let us grow?

Well, if you do not particularly came to escape from the cell giperotvetstvennosti yourself, go to a psychologist. Appropriate methods and tools from the experts there.