Money and needs

Do you often ask yourself how you are satisfied with your job?

(I assume that the answer is obvious to you.)

Much Do you like about her?

How often do you do what you like in your free time?

How do you make money, and if you miss them?

Do you feel satisfaction and value on how use your time in any case and the duties of its invest - to earn money?

These are very interesting questions, which it makes sense to ask yourself in order to understand where, why and what you are currently working.

And another good question - what for your money?

  • means of survival, which is not always enough?
  • Or something that helps meet your needs as much as possible and the best way for you?

If money is for you a means of survival - it says that you feel the need. The feeling of need arises in childhood, when the child was born and the mother must meet his needs.

And if it turned out bad mother? Not finish feeding, ignored, did not understand the true feelings and needs of the child, did not give enough time. Not finish feeding emotionally - not love to finish feeding. She was probably the most had to survive. Her own feeling was based on a sense of the needs and the lack of in this life.

Then a man's life is built out of dissatisfaction with the state. And he feels a constant shortage - a good relationship, required things and, of course, money. And from the state of poverty and survival chooses work that in the end, "hate." Because he has to force himself to do what he does not want. Needless to say - do it, otherwise you will not survive. And most importantly - the need not to give up hope for the best, takes power.

As far as now, reading my words, you will realize that you have needs?

And they are not satisfied or satisfied enough?

Let me tell you a secret:

live well, earning a lot of money - realizing their true potential - it is also a natural human need that requires their satisfaction.

Think, for what you are spending so much time on it to make money in such an unpleasant way for you?

Start walking to to earn on what you like, it is always possible.

Question - what will motivate you to develop your business in parallel with the work on which you walk each morning.

Here is the metaphor:

is your least favorite work - it is the mother's breast that feeds you, while you are a small child. And to break away from this chest - then grow to become adult and independent. If there was not enough milk, you tried very hard in the chest, tuzhilis - but do not load up, then now you can meet their needs on their own.

In adulthood, you do not need the mother's breast.

Your "satiety" and satisfaction depends entirely on you.

Children waiting - until they are given what they want.

Adults know what they want - and take what they want.

They are doing the necessary actions in the real reality. And these actions they perform based on their strengths, their abilities.

You are aware of their abilities and strengths?

In which position you are now, what do you think? If the position of "baby", then this understanding will help you to break away from the "breast" and the need to survive and begin to grow. Grow internally, before feeling able to live the way you want. Therefore, do what you want. It is in the long term, and it's real. It takes time. Sometimes it's years.

And should start now.

Since in this way is a pitfall - the expectation of quick results, any tiny positive changes and successes will be important to notice and appreciate. They will grow up in a "huge snowball", which will form the "light, weightless snowflakes" - small gains that you make.

Focus on what you want to associate with the desired positive feelings and emotions - this is what should learn, practice every day.

You will begin to do what you have not done before.

Everything that you can imagine - you can implement.

It is important to have a man - who continue to believe in you when you make mistakes. Support the other person is often underestimated. Elementary faith in your strength. If your environment is no such person - consult a psychologist. And thus you will satisfy your need for true support you.

Important to remember:

you may feel that you do not want anything new. Or do not you know what you want. It says that your needs were not met for a long time - and because of that you wish to stop. I wish for yourself what you really want.

To restore the ability to desire - it is necessary to do some work, which is better to go along with a psychologist, for that would:

  • to recognize that you have needs that are not being met;
  • to start to admit the idea that they really can be satisfied;
  • to be able to afford, in principle wants something.

And then you will have the determination and understanding of how to "get" what you need. Quietly, safely and confidently.

And interactions with mom, your first years of life is very much influenced by the way you live right now.

We are led by internal states.

When we make them aware and accepted, we are able to make a difference in your life - for the better.

I can see how people find it difficult to even think about success. The needs of the state have one task - to survive. And in order to live - you must feel safe. To create a sense of security, it is necessary to work with the physical memory and childhood experiences. It's just a fact - that it is important to take into account.

Start today to strive for success, prosperity and prosperity!

It sounds menacing? That's it :))