Lose weight after giving birth - easily

One of the common causes of weight gain in women - pregnancy.

From generation to generation people pass strange postulates become pregnant women, that now it is necessary to eat and sleep for two. Here on this and grow an additional ten, fifteen, or even twenty kilograms in the first nine months.

Appetite for this time grows large, so postpartum mothers often abused lure and gruel for young children. Time to go to the gym and there will be more long enough.

What to do?

I'll give you ten tips that will promote weight loss.

1. Do not add salt.

Salt binds fat and water. The average person eats in a day, 10-20 times more salt standards. Absolutely all semi-finished products contain salt. Salt - a preservative and flavoring number one.

Remember that a healthy rate for an adult no more than 4 grams per day. In any organic products has its own salt. Look at the table and make your menu based on their findings.

Use as flavor enhancers lemon, balsamic vinegar and condiments.

2. Unnecessary fats.

Try to reduce the fat content of household products such as milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, meat, fish. Learn how to put out food on the water, rather than oils, use parchment paper. Check the recipe for the presence of unnecessary, do not affect the flavor of the ingredients. Replace mayonnaise sauces sauces of Greek yogurt or low-fat sour cream.

3. Liquid.

Do not wash down their food. Observe how to change eating patterns, if you do not drink. Empirically it is proven that the person eats with liquids more food than he needs. For example, with a glass of coffee or tea, you can not notice the disappearance of an entire bar of chocolate or a packet of biscuits. Try to eat as much without zapivaniya!

Remember, like a bad dream, covenants grandmothers about digestive disorders without kompotik, kiselka, tea, milk, yogurt. Really do not harm your digestion before or after eating only a little wine or strong black coffee.

4. Do not eat sweet after a meal.

Our body synthesizes glucose from its own fat reserves, and He does not need additional sources of sugar, especially at a time before or after a meal. Any fruits contain sugar. If, during the meal to add sugar, the amount of own fat increase. Get in the habit to eat dessert after 2 hours after a meal. Well, let me remind you that the best sugar for us - it's fruit, vegetables, chocolate, honey, nuts and dried fruits.

5. Breakfast.

Breakfast need! Best of all protein food, but if you in the morning once or nothing to cook, drink a glass of juice or water with lemon. The carbohydrates in the morning cause drowsiness

6. There are fewer.

The more we eat, the more you want. Try not to stretch the stomach is greater than 0, 5 liters. Put palms together, as if you want to dial water in them - such you must have a serving size.

7. Household activity.

In his spare time, try to involve yourself to your favorite music and dance to it. If you can get up to the bar or push-ups - go ahead!

Try to walk faster, approaching the mark of 5-6 kilometers per hour. Avoid elevators whenever possible. Dance, play sports in any free minute. Do static exercises, when you watch TV, buy a gym ball, sit on it and not in the chair.

8. Massage.

Massage is useful, pleasant. Promote blood circulation, it will give your skin youth and will contribute to the early care Zhirkov.

9. Bath.

Steam treatments are very much needed. Contrast temperature increases the elasticity of the skin and blood vessels, body hardens. Try to attend a bath or sauna with Pools-font.

10. Oils.

On good, is the only good oil to us that contains Omega 3. Everything else - garbage for the body. Other fats come to us through enough seeds, nuts, olives, sesame and other grains.

Here, in general, and all the tricks. Do not forget to eat a sufficient amount of dietary fiber, fruits and vitamins. Beware of processed foods.

Even if you think that everything is very difficult - you should make a small step to start, and over time you will understand that the implementation of these rules you are given it is easy.