Strong women

Strong women

Strong woman wrote a lot.

During the training participants often ask the question - do you consider yourself to be a strong woman?

The answers to 90% of cases positive.

And it's not the norm. Because a strong woman in that aspect, which is in reality, and how it should be - very different.

Let's deal - as it appears in real life, and that I think about it. Reality - this is what I see on the consultations and trainings, as telling a woman and my observation of them.

About reality.

Many women consider themselves to be strong. Do you agree? They earn money, take off the ladder, making progress, raise their children themselves, to resolve the situation with the traffic policemen.

In the outside world, they have learned to communicate without the help of men. Hence, there is something wrong and "force". Many do not believe that a man on something capable. And so ladies, men do not always lucky. But they are strong, they will cope.

But no luck because they want a man stronger than himself.

But if they see a weakness for men in the form of broken promises, if a man is a little relaxed, forgot something or something - then concludes that he weakling, and leave.

The woman, comparing himself to a man, concludes that with them that something is wrong, often looks for flaws to its background look better.

And the worst option - the woman begins to compete with the man, not noticing it: teaches how to live, what to do, how to do, how to think, how to behave, and how much money to earn.

If you find yourself a little bit to know and recognize their behavior and you think you are a strong woman, then honestly answer the question:

  • and a strong man you why?
  • Why would he need a strong woman?
  • Why it is so strong woman?
  • What he will do with you?
  • How will react?
  • It will be interesting?

As a rule, really strong men these women avoided. Or run away from it as soon as understand who to contact. The strong man is not able to educate a woman, even if he loved her.

Any adequate man wants his woman's respect and submission (in a good way), and unless a strong woman can give it? This woman used to do everything by herself, especially in the physical world. And to be in subjection she does not want. But to control and manage - is a thing where it will be like "a fish in water."

Strong woman, unfortunately, are rarely able to respect a man and trust him. Because if it would be respected - that such destructive "forces" would not exist. And all because it is strong in the wrong place.

Experience and practice suggest that such a state and behavior - destructive, both for the woman and for a relationship with a man. Therefore as a normal man did not survive. You know, where they can grow the roots of women's loneliness?

My opinion

For me, a strong woman - a wise, calm and adequate lady who loves and appreciates her man. She is so wise that unsuitable men actually feels. But if she makes a mistake - then quietly leave, without any explanation. That is its nature - to seek his fortune.

My opinion is that female power in intuition. In the women, the wise intuition, which is transmitted through the feminine energy. But when a woman is strongly aktivnichaet in the outside world and compete with men - she covers her intuition. How and why this happens - I do not know. A strong woman knows its strength, not aggression, for example. It will not climb with his advice, she will observe and trust. Will try to understand (but not wet) Men's "weakness", as they are for everyone.

With their weaknesses, she will handle itself, it is not straining your man. It aims to support, not to compare with. A strong woman is calm, when something happens - it will not throw a tantrum, and simply find a way out. And most importantly, a strong woman - is relaxed!

And if you find yourself out of the first description, the work with the psychologist will reconsider their views on themselves and on the relationship with a man. It does not matter, married or you are just going to build a relationship.

If you want to change yourself, then you care to reconsider their behavior and consciously stop competing with a man and manage it.

You probably have more than once received from the man feedback - from you or left in silence, and said they were not satisfied. This is the first thing you should pay attention. Try to remember those moments where you acted as a "strong" woman, to write and to do all the work on the bugs - to analyze and try not to fall into such a situation, or deliberately act in a different way.

Change your behavior - the behavior of the men will also change.