How can you love a man, if ...

Sometimes I come across a single sentence, and it changes your life.

You do such things happen?

And I - yes.

And I want to share with you a story in which a phrase turned my self-image and relationships. It took a lot of time, and it still pops up in my mind. I think it is extremely useful.

When I was still quite young, after another is not a relationship, I was invited to visit relatives. And wise Uncle immediately thought of me that I do something wrong. After hearing my story, he offered to listen to the other.

It's about what the Indian philosopher Osho man came and asked him:

- I realized that I did not love my wife. What do i do? What to do?

What Osho said:

- How can you love someone who does not love himself?

I froze for a long time. This sentence made me think. But really - how? How can I fall in love, if I do not like yourself? What a miracle is going to happen, make it happen?

I clearly understood that I do a lot of complexes, insecurity, Trapped and many other things - that prevented me from loving yourself. Yes, not even so much love, how much to begin with - to take. Yes, adolescence - it is so ... And if you think about it, only our mother, while we are very small, able to love us unconditional love, simply for the fact that we are. In adult life, all very different. All of our relationships start with attitude. Since, as we ourselves feel, know, we feel, understand and love.

Let's think?

  • How can love a man who does not love himself?
  • How will human respect, if he himself does not respect?
  • As will accept the one who does not accept himself?
  • How to be able to understand those who are not capable of understanding itself?

But such questions can be asked a lot.

Everything is interconnected in our world. Love, friendship, relationship, respect, acceptance, caring, understanding, which comes to us from the other - is a mirror to ourselves to him. And just not vice versa.

I argue in line with our loved ones, or more or less close relations. And about those with whom we want to connect his life. For people with whom relationships are not built - this is not true. There are so minimal interaction that this principle does not quite work. I propose to reflect on their attitudes to themselves! What are your thoughts when you say the phrase to himself: "How can you love someone who does not love himself?" What are your feelings at the same time?

  • How do you feel about yourself?
  • What are your negative thoughts in your address?
  • What is this nonsense you're talking about yourself think?

And the more you understand about yourself, the more you can edit. The main thing - to find something that can be changed. In today's world of psychology possible, if not all, very, very much.

Really I want only one thing - that you are spared the time to improve their relationship with themselves, with others and with the world. How can I love a man - if he himself does not like? This phrase - an excellent tool to test yourself: Do all my self-esteem is now okay?

Love yourself - and others will love you!