Where does the lack of respect for the men?

Not only women complain about men.

And the men in the consultations say that their women do not respect them.

Men this is actually going through. And they do not know that this can and should be done.

It's easy to conclude that the hysterical woman, and left her to go to the other. But the problem is that on the other hand, is likely to be the same story.

Because as disrespectful of women to men is quite a frequent phenomenon in our modern world. Let's try to figure out where in contempt grow legs.

So we all know each other, I propose to understand How does the fact that a woman has no respect for a man?

Symptoms include:

  • increase in votes, just what is wrong;
  • straight insults the mats during an argument;
  • criticisms, comparisons with other men;
  • the phrase "still all Men Are Bast ..."
  • when a man she does not believe (it's about the internal state when it is not sure that the man succeeds or she will be happy with him);
  • woman knows best "how to properly and how to", and the man all this on her background is not smart;
  • removal of the brain - roll up hysterics;
  • jealousy a sign of mistrust;
  • when there are stories of her friends or her mother about the negative qualities of a man or a complaint on him;
  • when not dare tell him thanks and a compliment.

This is not a complete list of disrespect.

Not a very pretty picture, is it? There are women who are not aware of their behavior, and it's sad. If they knew the reasons - have begun to have something to do with it.

Where does such an attitude?

A first aspect.

Our great-grandmothers in mind that grandparents died in the war, had to be strong and survive, another way they had not. And it was very difficult. There was nothing to die from disease, we had to bury their children. And it is this "power" is transmitted to us with the kind of information. Believe it or not.

A second aspect.

Since childhood, the girl said that she had to be strong and do everything myself. The reason can only guess why the mother or someone else said so. And this girl is not ready for dating relationships. Where there is respect?

So educate a girl can only be a strong mother who, most likely, she does not respect men. This mom can achieve much in life or, conversely, not be very happy.

When I conduct training in healing the relationship with his mother, there is a constellation exercise where we ask mom vyti permission to marry, for example. And most interesting is that about 40% of mothers do not allow daughters to marry. Citing the fact that there is nothing to do. Because the mother herself was not happy and holds a lot of negativity in relation to the male sex. Yes, it happens. The girls are very upset, but the issue we address. A third and important aspect.

The woman did not accept his mother. Thus, it deprives itself of its female part. But it's a long story, and about her need to write a separate article. The idea is that by denying the features of the mother - we deny their feminine qualities. And when we do not accept ourselves, we are not able to accept and man. Having taken my mother and myself, we are opening more opportunities for building a happy relationship.

Summing up, we can say that disrespect is transmitted to us by the nature of our education + + is our attitude to one's own mother - are the key issues that affect relationships with men. Whether you like it or not.

Check yourself in contempt can only be one way - to answer the question: Are you happy with the man with whom live more than a year together?

And if so - then everything is OK. So you have enough respect to relations developed and you have been in them comfortably.

If not, then it is necessary to address to the psychologist on personal therapy.

On the other - in any way. Because it is what you live for thirty years - you need to study carefully. And with the professional who understands these issues.