10 signs that you have chosen the wrong man

Be with the wrong person - a problem that is often difficult to diagnose, because the feelings teach people not to listen to the voice of reason. Nevertheless, such a relationship can affect your life quite dramatically and bring a lot of trouble from time lost to serious problems in the family.

To link their lives with someone who initially treats you not as you would like, or do not share your views, often means going on obviously false way. But it is not always possible to say with certainty that the partner is not the person for whom it would be necessary to change your life. We decided to find out how to recognize the disastrous relationship to avoid mistakes in the future. Thus, the 10 signs that you meet the wrong man.

1. You can not introduce him to your friends and parents

10 signs that you have chosen the wrong man

This may be due to the fact that your partner is constantly coming up with excuses and looking for opportunities to not meet with your loved ones, despite the fact that you would like. This is not always a problem, because perhaps the man simply feels uncomfortable in such companies or not sure that you have everything seriously at this stage of the relationship.

But sometimes the initiative did not meet with parents or friends may come and a woman. You are not sure about your partner or find it good enough to appear with him in the circle of those who definitely will evaluate your union, and you deliberately put your relationship lowest score. Do not be afraid of loneliness, because to be with those with whom you are not comfortable to spend their time, much worse than to spend it alone.

2. Your partner is not listening to you

Be able to speak to each person is important, and it is especially important in the relationship between the partners. The desire to know what your lover understands you and your needs, supports and responds accordingly - quite naturally for everyone.

That is why, if your partner can not give you the attention, even in the little things, for example, to hear about how was your day, it makes no sense to continue that relationship.

Then everything will be only worse, and your relationship will not leave you nothing but disappointment.

3. Your man needs your attention 24/7

Spending time with a loved one, and given to him completely - romantic and well, but everyone has the right to personal space, their own dreams and interests, which should not be ignored partners. Sacrifice something that you need in your own life, harmful to you and the relationship in general. In the end, you will not have anything except guilt, and most likely you will be to blame the partner that sacrificed everything for him, and he did not appreciate.

On the other hand, the personal life of everyone who is in a relationship should not become a hindrance to the relations themselves in principle. If you realize that what you are doing is too important to adjust to a partner, you will have to make a difficult choice. But if your partner is the initiator of the scandal, after which you are left with the feeling that in this relationship you do not give breathe such things as jealousy, envy, and the worse, then, alas, the situation is better over time will not.

4. You can not be a

10 signs that you have chosen the wrong man

One of the most vexing problems in the relationship - is the inability to be themselves and express their true nature, to say what you really think and feel exactly how you feel. Receive constant reproaches from a loved one that is in you that something is wrong, painful and unfair.

On the other hand, partners can and should make each other better, advising, examining the mistakes and help each other grow. But if not, and you initially hid their true feelings, this is not your man, because you could not and is unlikely to be able to really open up in the future. Nobody likes a mask - is completely wrong how to wear them, and watch.

5. Your interests do not converge

Of course, the presence of something in common does not mean that your partner will love the things that you love and do not love the things that you do not like. Each person has their own outlook on life and their own area of ​​interest with which to be reckoned. But if you understand that this man you have nothing to share, not to talk about, but it is important for you thought he could not understand, you should think about why you are together.

Maybe the first passion has passed, and when he had to see the reality, it was not what you wanted.

The same can feel and your partner. If you understand that you're interested in this person, and he is not going to share with you something which he devotes himself or thinks that you do not understand it, it is necessary, first, to discuss this problem, and vo Second, think again, everything was in order at the heart of your pair.

6. hanging exhausts you

If you feel that your loved one is exhausting you physically and emotionally, and not in a good way, this is a very important sign that together you'd better not be. After all, if you find it hard from such communication, even when you just meet, imagine what kind of problems you may encounter if you decide to live together or have a family. Have personal space in relationships - is one thing, but if the idea of ​​a new meeting, you immediately remember how hard it was on the last date, take a disappointing fact: this is not your man, and you do not get used to it without harm to your own psyche .

7. You can not talk about your relationships

10 signs that you have chosen the wrong man

often talk about how you both feel in a relationship - it is unpleasant conversations, forcing partners to worry, shame, or even conflict. If you realize that you can not get to your man with a serious conversation or try to talk about what makes you worry, be afraid, tense, then you will only be more difficult in the future, because the further development of relations, the more important it becomes a serious talk and the heavier than developing and transferring. Neither you nor your partner should not be afraid of important topics, because a healthy relationship - a relationship where people are understanding and they know that even the beginning of the most unpleasant conversation, sooner or later they will come to understand.

Serious Topics should not face the idea of ​​the relationship, and if so, then the relationship will end as soon as a more complicated topic for discussion.

8. Your partner fixated on itself

Relationship - is 100% of the two men. Only worry about a thing, just think about their needs - is a behavior that will lead to the collapse of your novel. If you are aware that your partner thinks only of himself and calls into question your right, then such a relationship should be stopped, because such an injustice shows that some of you do not appreciate the other.

9. Do you feel that you are not good enough

If you feel that you are not good enough for your partner, your relationship or your partner's behavior affect your self-esteem. Problems with acceptance of yourself - that's what everyone decides for themselves. Of course, everybody wants recognition, compliments and proud partner of your merits and quality, but if you feel you are the source of your self-doubt lies in the actions of your men, then this is not your man.

Confidence attracts but contempt from the partner or worse, its direct or indirect remarks about your shortcomings - a vivid signal that alone with his opinion should be left to the man. Again, constructive criticism is useful for each of the pair, but the criticism, due to which some of you are trying to be better than the other - no.

10. You do not see the future of

10 signs that you have chosen the wrong man

relationships are different and develop in different ways. Fleeting affair that does not assume the obligations and developments in a certain way - is one thing, but if you are ready to associate with someone their life, should answer the question: do you have a future with the person you love ? Do you share each other's interests, whether the life goals of each support of you, if your eye to eye? You can choose to be a wife and mother, and your beloved are categorically against the marriage, or vice versa - in any case, the problem in front of you. Yes, sometimes people change their minds, but to live in such a relationship and expect that your partner will change or, even worse, try to change it by yourself - a bad idea that will lead to scandal or other problems. All this does not make your life together beautiful.