New - is well forgotten old: how to prepare yourself for a new relationship

Meet the ideal partner, perhaps, everyone dreams of, but not all are aware that before taking the plunge into a serious relationship, you need to work on yourself and your sense of self. Old relationship, not giving rest, past mistakes, lack of confidence, fear of future obligations, as well as an inability to understand yourself, you can empty so that any, even the most romantic adventure, you will not be able to fill. Before you find a new love, you need to make a few important things in relation to themselves. In this, we decided to find out a list of nine mandatory items that are worth paying attention to.

1. Focus on yourself

New - is well forgotten old: how to prepare yourself for a new relationship

The first thing you need to do to prepare yourself for the future of the relationship - is to focus on themselves and their own interests. Such healthy selfishness helps restore balance in the areas of life, is not related to romance. If you realize that emotionally you are not willing to share his life with another person, it is necessary to fill this gap, doing what is only important for you, and putting their desires to override the romantic relationship.

If you are dissatisfied with their financial situation or your job has ceased to be fun, deal with these problems before you plunge into a love escapism. Attention to itself also applies to the appearance, character, and unrealized possibilities - all this requires your participation. Only after you feel full agreement with yourself, you will be able to give something to a potential partner, otherwise frustration and recriminations are inevitable.

2. Understand that you need from the relationship

Be romantic and spontaneous it is very important to enjoy this life and the person next to you, but if you do not know what to expect from the relationship, in the future you may encounter a number of challenges: the development of the crisis, misunderstandings and low self-esteem.

To avoid these problems, you must determine what the basic qualities should distinguish your partner, what are its financial priorities, views on marriage, children, divorce, and other things related to commitment.

Next, decide on how deep should be the emotional content you your partner, what are the main interests, he should have. With the development of new relationships, determine what their personal qualities would you like to develop, linking life with a new man.

3. Take the example of good relations

Of course, all relationships are unique, and each pair in its own way to cope with difficulties. But there is an obvious advantage is to focus on the relationship that you consider successful. This can help you decide so, what would you want from a partner, what better to avoid situations, and how each of you should behave that relationship worked.

Take for example a pair whose marriage has lasted for a long time, watch how happy people relate to each other and everyday situations as they are going through difficulties and enjoyed success.

4. Learn from the mistakes of the past

New - is well forgotten old: how to prepare yourself for a new relationship

Despite the fact that recall the old relationship - it is not always pleasant, much more wise thing to do - learn from the failure of a valuable lesson. Many people do not pay attention to the fact that did not work last time, ignore their needs and those of their partners, writing off all of the drama. But among ideas, often becoming the cause of the conflict is not only the mistakes of the past, but also lessons to remember:

- Each partner needs a personal space, no matter how strong may be feeling.

- No one will be able to fill you better than you know yourself.

- You can not change anyone.

- Passion passes, but love is only strengthened.

- The relationship is very often reflect personal circumstances.

5. Forget relationships that failed

Regrets are useless! Relationship is terminated for a reason, it is always there, regardless of whether you want to admit it or not. Maybe you or your partner give this relationship is not sufficient for their development, or the time was not right for them. Either way, your ex-partner is no longer with you, and all the time you have spent, wishing you could use to get ready for a new relationship, perhaps "the most." Nevertheless, forget the bad relationships, especially those that have ended recently, it may be very difficult, but it is very important for those who want to live in the present and move forward under any circumstances.

6. Always have a

One of the fundamental feelings in a relationship - it is a feeling of comfort in their own "I", whether it is the body or the mind. It is necessary to recognize that the partner is also comfortable in his "I". This approach leads to partners thanks to the quality of each other and increases the value of the relationship. You learn to accept yourself and your lover and this is the foundation for a future of love. No one deserves to forcibly change ourselves. Not to mention the fact that "now I" always finds a way to express themselves, it is only a matter of time.

7. Monitor their concerns

New - is well forgotten old: how to prepare yourself for a new relationship

It is natural to feel butterflies in your stomach every time you meet someone new. This feeling can last for a long time, and can quickly disappear, but it does not mean that your relationship is over. Anxiety prevents people feel comfortable in a current relationship, as consciousness still remember the sad experience of the past and the fear of future problems. It is understood that the passion, excitement and thrill of the inner - is an emotion that will come and go, and they can feed. A real feelings - this is something that goes back and you can proceed more easily than first love.

8. Learn to be honest and open in dealing

The way you communicate with someone, should not be a matter of the situation. Learn to be honest and sincere with someone you would not say, especially if you want to know this person better. To develop relationships, you must make an effort to say what you really think, dare to show their intentions.

Do not deny your thoughts and feelings, not to mention them, because it can lead to deep frustration and repetition of past mistakes.

If what's important to you do not like a person who is close by, it has the right to disagree with you or leave you. Despite the fact that such an outcome is not all see as a positive, much worse lie to yourself, wanting someone to hold.

9. Do not force events

It is unlikely that there will be someone who did not want to meet a man with whom I would like to share life. Everyone wants to feel the love, understanding, and to be very special for another. When one relationship ends, you need to fill the void at once, which is why people are starting to force the issue, instead of mentally prepare yourself for the next step.

Performing tips listed above, you will be able to learn how to let life take its course in the best sense of the word, enjoy the moment and be able to spend time alone with him. And when the right time, there is not just sympathy, but a real passion. Everything happens by itself, and you'll be much more integral person than you were before.