What if you threw a guy

Not always pair parted in life as easy and painless as romantic comedies and sitcoms. Almost always, this process does not take place by mutual consent and the decision, and when one person says to another that throws it. If you are still "aggrieved" party, then the gap will be the most painful, and need all the strength to endure it.

No contact

What if you threw a guy

to call up a man charged with him in social networks and seek a meeting is not necessary. Nothing good will not bring such a meeting, even if the pass quietly. At best, you remember all the good things that happened between you and reopen wounds. In the worst case, you fell out and spoil the mood of not only themselves but also others.

Try not to be in places where you might accidentally come across a former lover. If you have mutual friends, then warn them that will no longer appear in the same company and ask them not to remind about the former and not to invite you to the festival together.


If you write to the former angry sms, provoke him into conflict and constantly remember the past, going through insults and twisting himself, the whole situation will never let you let go. Also, do not assume that your ex was given a break very easily - it is always emotional trauma, after which you want to recover, even if you are strong and resistant, like a rock.

to splash out the accumulated aggression is helpful, but not directly to its object.

Write a letter to the former, where you will express all the accumulated negative, then seal it and burn. Or sealed in a bottle and throw it into the sea. In short - do not let all these evil words to reach the destination.


Constant complaints of unfair treatment to him sooner or later will tire even the closest friend. If you are their voice not only his friends, but his friends, family and colleagues, by the same token only spoil the view itself. And many sad messages on Twitter, social networks and electronic diary will make friends to unsubscribe from you within a couple of repetitions.

Be above it. Even if you have been treated unfairly, do not tell everyone. Reprimand closest girlfriends, and with all the others behave as if the gap was your mutual decision. Thoughts are material, so that after a while you can and do believe that like this.


What if you threw a guy

Do not force your ex to blush for you in front of his new girlfriend, when she appeared, and do not start yourself first got a boyfriend only to have your ex jealous. In such situations, you can never play other people's feelings and involve them in what is happening. Everything that is related to your break, just going on between you two. Insulate yourself from any reminders about the new girlfriend of former lover. Do not go on his page in the social network or instagrame not walk around outside his house. If you have appeared on the horizon handsome young man, do not hastily rush into his arms and calmly explain the situation and tell us what you need time to move away from her. Start dating a nice guy, you always have time, but if the catalyst for such meetings even on a subconscious level, would be the desire to hurt the former, it will sooner or later lead to the rupture of yet another relationship.


At first glance, it seems that if fresh and pretend that nothing has happened, it will be easier. However, in fact this "iron lady" is much more complicated than the emotional persons. Irritation may accumulate inside and explode as a steam boiler, at the wrong moment. Especially because the parting - it is always a serious loss, not some little thing.

Weep if you want to cry. Cry if you want to scream. Record curse on tape if you want to swear.

Vyplesnite all accumulated, but try to not have seen no one except you and your closest friends.

And then Wipe your tears, erase the recording furious monologues, unplug the phone, to no distraction, and arrange a vacation for myself. Go to a beauty salon, buy sweets or watch a good movie for a glass of red wine. After an emotional outburst - it is the best therapy.


The past does not return and do not alter. Infinite scrolling incident and living in my head over and over again the same in trying to find where the error is committed, able to plunge into depression, even the strongest girl. In addition, if the flow was the real reason, the feeling of guilt and sprinkling ashes on their heads will poison your life for months.

Do not give yourself too much spare time to think about the sad. If you have the opportunity, please send on vacation or traveling for new experiences, so for the past is no more space on the general emotional background. If this is not possible, load themselves with work, enroll in new courses or to set up a new hobby that will allow you to download the time that you previously spent on the boyfriend, and now could spend samoedstvo. At the same time, and meet new people!