9 things that a woman should not do for man

If you ever do something for the sake of man, what then sorry, this article is dedicated to you. Relationship - a complex mechanism, which only works if both partners are making efforts. You can endlessly to love your guy, but still do not forget about self-love and respect for their dreams. We decided to deal with the fact that you should never do for a man to keep a healthy relationship.

1. Refuse dreams

9 things that a woman should not do for man

If you have always wanted to travel and learn some specific profession, the first thing that you should not let your man - is to challenge your decision. Refuse to realizing the dream in order to avoid losing your partner - this is not the strong link that you can set. Unfortunately, it often happens that love passes, and regret that you left for the sake of the relationship, will not leave you for a long time. Such frustration and doubt can kill and existing relationships. Feel free to follow their own way, and if your partner really appreciates you, he will not put ultimatums.

2. Change the moral values ​​of

Each person has their own views on morality, and there is nothing wrong with that. Each of the partners must respect the vision of another world. Do not let your man to dictate how you should feel in any given situation, and, more importantly, do not change my views only in order to please him. If you are sure that you are right, defend your truth, but do not force and do not allow you to impose your own.

3. Change your appearance

The desire to be perfect for her lover - that's fine, exactly the same as the desire to improve, in principle. But to change your appearance just because your partner is not like something is wrong. If you are satisfied with their appearance, be confident and do not let others dictate to you how it would be better. In relationships it is important to acceptance of each other, and find out what your partner would like to make a difference in you, it is very unpleasant. And in this case it is better to leave this man to seek the appearance of his dreams.

4. Refuse friends

9 things that a woman should not do for man

In the beginning of a relationship is most often the whole world ceases to exist as long as you are together. I would like to spend as much time as possible with your partner and always be together. But in any case, sooner or later you will realize that not only your partner needs your time, but also friends and relatives. In healthy relationships, both partners are aware of the fact that their beloved must see with other people too. Of course, time with your loved one will always be a priority, and there is nothing wrong as long as your partner does not require you to begin 24 hours a day and jealous whenever you're not together.

5. Pretend stupid

The relationship does not have to pretend to be someone who you are not. It is not necessary to pretend that you're dumber than you really are, or can not do something, just to your partner feel stronger and smarter. Men love independent women who can take care of themselves and are able to solve many problems on their own.

6. Sit on a diet

There is nothing wrong in being healthy and follow the figure, engaged in fitness and eat nutritious food. But to sit on a diet specifically for the partner - is silly. Especially starve and torment, because there are many healthy ways to become leaner. Remember that whatever you are doing in this area, you do for yourself, so you should rethink your motivation. And if your partner is constantly commented on your figure, it is worth more to think about your relationship.

7. Allow control your life

9 things that a woman should not do for man

Although how much you love each other, you should not let the partner full control of your life. If you are in a serious relationship and carry each other commitments, it is necessary to discuss important decisions and changes, but the last word on the fate of your decision should be yours. It is also quite wrong to monitor the personal space of the partner, which includes his correspondence, telephone calls and meetings with friends and acquaintances. Do not limit your lover, but do not let it dictate to you what to do.

8 having children

Question related to the children, all the pairs is given in different ways. For some it is a long-awaited event, which the two partners want, and someone has to go through and overcome the serious doubts. If you are not ready to have children, it is necessary first of all to be honest with myself. Your life is unlikely to be better if you go to your assignments and have forged a man child, who he wants. Such a decision you have to take together and when each of you will be ready for it.

9. underestimates standard

You are able to determine on its own what you want and what you need. If you understand that this partner is not right for you, do not lower the bar of the requirements only to finally be in a relationship. Find "the very" man is not easy, but failure does not mean that you are insensitive and can not settle down. The fact is that your idea of ​​a relationship can be more perfect than that of a potential partner. Do not despair and doubt yourself. If you believe that the only way you can be happy, continue to stand your ground.