5 personal things in a relationship that you can not even tell her best friend

5 personal things in a relationship that you can not even tell her best friend

Even if you are private person, then it is better girlfriend probably tell a lot about the relationship. It's really useful, because the girlfriend is happy with you, to give valuable advice, or simply to defuse the situation look at things from the side. However, there is a limit - even candor with the most-most, with which the second grade you were sitting together and braided pigtails to each other. Some things that happen between you and your man, it is better not to tell anyone, neither friends nor my mom and dad, not even the president of Russia, if he suddenly take an interest. This is your personal space invaded in which - a bad taste. And so the problems will be less.

Sexual fantasies

No need to talk with someone else's imagination and fantasy to your partner about sex. They are certainly not wrong or extravagant, but even in this case it is better to keep your mouth shut. Let the role play, where he dresses Gray Wolf or director of Gazprom, will remain among you. Imagine yourself in his position: it would be nice to you if he shared the "strawberry" the brightest with their friends? In the men's companies do not accepted to talk about such things. If you unbearable ardor boast its second half in bed, make the story vague, and emphasis put on their own fantasies and desires. Because to tell them to anyone - is completely your right.

When finances sing romances

The monetary aspect of the problem in a relationship with a man can be more sensitive than sexual. Imagine that men in addition to the physical manhood is and ephemeral "financial" counterpart, they are also very proud of. So if he starts any problems with money or a career, something about them better than anyone not to mention. It is better to talk about his failure in bed (in fact, too, is not advised!) Than a failure in financial matters. Be patient, soon all will be adjusted. It is better to support him in a difficult moment, and her friend explained that he could not have time to go for shopping and cafes with the same agility, because save up money for a new TV or a vacation in Sochi. With the current prices on vacation in the Black Sea region will understand you perfectly.

dirty linen

Say bad things about your partner - very bad, even if he was very angry and you deserve it. In general, do not scold him behind his back. If you wish to complain about a friend - then just tell neutral situation, she understands everything, and without name-calling. And in order to blow off steam, there are other ways.

For example, transform negative energy into the physical - go to the gym, arrange global cleaning and how to knock out carpets.

In the end, you can print a huge favorite picture, attach it on the pillow and how to chastise or even crack the soul. Once the irritation subsides, you still regret it, but no one gets hurt, and will not be offended. And a friend will think that you are beautiful and loving girl. In the end, all we go in irritable and nervous state.

The rift in bed

Male libido are closely related to their mental condition. If he is not got something to work, there has been a crisis, fell self-esteem, or there was another problem, that a man may lose interest in sex, or get stuck on something else. In any case, the problems in bed you should not tell anyone, except sexologist - and even then only when it will proceed systematically. The main thing in any case not to project the problems: in this case you do not become less beautiful or desirable is likely to trouble somewhere outside. Investigate the situation will help psychologist, a frank conversation with your loved ones or just time.

The changing world

It is not necessary to tell my best friend about the man she loved treason. If the trouble does occur, then you have to go through it alone, without others' advice from the sidelines. Will you forgive the wrong man and put the question bluntly - this will be your pure and untroubled decision that should not be affected by any outsider. In this case, you have only to listen to your feelings - and feelings of the partner, which explains the situation. In addition, if you tell us about such a thing to someone other than her best friend, the pretty spoil the life of the person to whom you feel. What would happen if this kind of his act recognize relatives or colleagues? We are sure that you are above it and be able to solve this situation in an adult. At the same time sincerely hope that you are in such a situation never came.