10 common types of love

Love - this is what we need for happiness. It inspires, it helps to believe in themselves, it saves a lot of trouble, and of course, it is often the source of most of these problems. But be that as it may, songs, books, movies tend to show love as the pinnacle of human feelings. We decided to reflect on what is love and what it does to people. Perhaps this description will bring you closer to an understanding of the specifics of your relationships and problems and help realize its place in the concept of "love" as such.

1. New Love

10 common types of love

A new love - a whole bunch of hormones and emotions. Having found a new love, we sometimes very difficult to admit that we are in love. Admiration, romance, expectations and minimum conflicts (or their absence) - this is the characteristic feature of this type of love. Among the advantages of this kind of love can distinguish your complete independence from the object of love, as you have just looked at each other and, therefore, nothing has been decided yet. But if we talk about the disadvantages, such love can leave as quickly and suddenly as it came.

2. Love-routine

You've been together for quite a long time, and, of course, you love each other - it's just a fact. You cozy and quiet, and your partner you are completely satisfied. Despite the fact that the routine is associated with something bad, or at least boring, there's nothing wrong with this kind of love. This is a simple love without question or doubt. You can let each other be who you are, not hiding his feelings. You are well suited to each other. If you are confused by the lack of explosive emotions, it is to understand, and it is important to you, these emotions, or feelings of comfort is more than enough for happiness.

3. Annoying Love

This type of love annoys others because how happy you are, you continue to confuse people who are not related to your relationship. You forget that there are around other people, and your relationship to each other prove that there are no limits or restrictions for the manifestation of feelings. If you are comfortable to embarrass your friends and new acquaintances sudden manifestation of feelings (which happens often), then continue in the same spirit, will only have to accept the fact that you are watching with Rolling Eyes. Otherwise rethink their behavior - perhaps tender feelings should leave at the time when you stay alone?

4. Reckless Love

10 common types of love

In this love partners like the fact of love and feeling to be paired with this man. Yes, you can be in love, but are not aware of what is romantic criteria, there is no relationship between you. You are not willing to risk anything for the sake of each other, are not willing to endure the inconvenience. A hanging can be easily replaced by time with friends, family or any other people. This love is difficult to accept the reason. Maybe it's just a passion, but passion and admirable man. You just like to be aware of the fact that you are with someone, and not alone.

5. The friendly love

Are you crazy about his friend, and he would be an ideal partner for you, but something is still wrong. No chemistry, no spark. Such a relationship is not failing because of good friends find even more difficult than the partners. All you need to remember - so that's what friendship between you, which do not spoil a romantic relationship or trying to build them. It's a different kind of love, a different attitude to the man. You can not associate it with his life, but you will definitely mean a lot to each other.

6. The false love

You so much want these relationships were the ones themselves, and the person with whom you are attached, turned out to be the love of your life that do not notice how much you do not approach each other. You have decided that it is ideal for you, and you - to him and continue to pretend that you love one another, rather than to allow true love to come into your life. For love must be combated, but even it is not worth it to someone desperately trying to glue together continuously decaying pieces of the whole, and your desired image.

7. "The same" love

10 common types of love

This kind of love has inexplicable magic. You can not do anything about the fact that it is and will be. You can quarrel, disperse, then come together again, but here's the surprise: on this earth there is no one, who would you want more than the man, and no one better than him. He is so perfect that you even start to hate him for it - are afraid that no one will find at least a little like him, the one who will make you feel what you feel with the "sole".

8. Honored love

You - the real heroes! You work on a relationship, you're trying so hard to really deserve your love. You were always there, you supported and helped, you wish each other even in the worst of times. You were there when one or some of you were at the bottom financially, emotionally or mentally. You withstood all the wind and showers of stones. You can not imagine life without each other, because you built this life together. This is not just true love, is the real meaning of life, and you really deserve happiness.

9. The tragic love

This kind of love is over, it should not be, or whether it was one-way, or did not survive treason. In any case, this love has left a scar on the soul and brought a lot of pain. It is this love that makes you survive and it was from her heart wants to be cured. This love is difficult to forget, because it left a deep impression.

10. An unhealthy love

10 common types of love

Everyone probably has or had an unhealthy love. Wrong, it causes suffering, but do not let go. This kind of love is full of contradictions, it casts doubt on itself, deprives of independence, in it you always ask yourself: "Do I really love? Do I love? ". The constant feeling that something is wrong, gradually makes suffer even more, but in the end you broke up (at best). But because of this love is best make useful life lessons. It helps to understand what kind of love still be just for you. How would you like them to treat you, and what mistakes you made yourself, being someone's partner. She looks like a failure, but in fact it is only a school of life.